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Commander Keen 2


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Baby Vorticon Baby Vorticons: These are perhaps the most annoying creatures in this episode. The run and jump around at high speeds, paralyzing Keen if they meet. Dead Baby Vorticon Paralyzed Keen
Scrub Scrubs: These robots don't harm Keen. They climb up, down and across walls, and they push or "carry" Keen. They can be annoying, but in some cases, they can help you out! Dead Scrub
Guard Robot Guard Robot: This second robot is a bit more deadly. It shoots rapidly, 4 shots at a time, and can be hard to dodge. You are not able to kill this Vorticon Robot.
Grunt Grunts: These Grunts only take 1 shot to kill. This doesn't make them any less dangerous though, they can still jump! Note: These guys cannot jump in the dark. Now if only you knew how to turn off the lights.. Dead Grunt
Vorticon Elite Vorticon Warrior Elite: These warriors are the most dangerous creature in this episode. They run, jump and even shoot at you! They take 4 shots to kill. Dead Vorticon Elite
Electrical Sparks Electrical Sparks
Pool of Acid Pool of Acid
Flame Flame
Flames Flames
Plasma Plasma


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Picture Name of item Value
Candy Bar Candy Bar 100 points
VortaCola VortaCola 200 points
Hamburger Hamburger 500 points
Cake Cake (chocolate) 1000 points
Stuffed Toy Vorticon Stuffed Toy Vorticon 5000 points
Raygun Raygun 5 ammo

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