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Commander Keen 5


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Sparky Sparky: This gray guy has a magnetic personality. His presence is electrifying. You'll be shocked when you see him! Watch out when he "charges"! Dead Sparky
Little Ampton Little Ampton: This purple fellow slides up and down poles and works on his computer terminals.  Don't be on the pole he's on, 'cause he slides up and down quickly! Dead Little Ampton
Slicestar Slicestar: The slicestar is a crystalline being with razor-sharp points.  Don't get near 'em! Burst Slicestar
Volte-Face Volte-Face: Volte-faces are crazy, insane floating creatures that have electric arcs for hair! Dead Volte-Face
   Shockshund Shockshund: Three-legged energy dogs of the Shikadi, their spark is worse than their bite! Dead Shockshund
Shelley Shelley: This tiny darling seams pleasant enough until you least expect it, then she goes all to pieces!
Shikadi Shikadi: These energy beings built the Omegamatic and plan to destroy the galaxy. Watch out for them near poles. Dead Shikadi
Shikadi Mine: Woe be the hero that wanders near one of these. They will follow you until you are close enough, then they explode!
Spindred Spindred: Spindred slam angrily at the floor and ceiling. They'll crush you quicker than something quick.
Robo Red Robo Red: Robo Red is a nasty guard. If he hears a sound, he shoots first and asks questions later. Avoid, avoid, avoid!
Sphereful: Frightful plasma orbs with orbiting diamond sensors, tread carefully by these dangerous denizens.
Spirogrip Spirogrip: The spirogrip spins and launches toward walls. If you're in the way, you'll be toast!
Shikadi Master Shikadi Master: The most frightful foe aboard the Omegamatic, they cast Electrospheres at you and teleport around. Very dangerous.


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Picture Name of item Value
Shikadi Candy Shikadi Candy 100 points
Marshmallow Marshmallow 200 points
Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk 500 points
Tart Stix Tart Stix 1000 points
Sugar Stoopies Sugar Stoopies Cereal 2000 points
Bag o'Sugar Bag o'Sugar 5000 points
Neural Stunner Neural Stunner 5 ammo
Key Gems Key Gems Open locked doors
Keycard Keycard Opens exit doors
Vitalin Vitalin Collect 100 for extra life
Keg o'Vitalin Keg o'Vitalin Extra life

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