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Commander Keen 6

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Bloog: The Bloogs stole your babysitter. These one-eyed green carnivores are driven by their hunger across the galaxy.

Dead Bloog
Blue BloogletRed BloogletYellow BloogletGreen Blooglet Blooglet: Baby Bloogs come in four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. They aren't very dangerous, and they might even prove helpful sometimes... Dead Blue BloogletDead Red BloogletDead Yellow BloogletDead Green Blooglet

Bip: Bips are the cogs in the Bloog's machine. They run platforms, they patrol areas in their Bipships, and generally cause havoc. They will fight for anyone, but they happened to hook up with the Bloogs.

Crashed BipshipSquashed Bip

Babobba: This little red fellow is a baby Bobba. Babobbas are not quite as tough as full-grown Bobbas.

Dead Babobba

Blorb: These red gelatin-like beings are deadly but slow. They bounce around and make you nervous.


Gik: This hard-shelled customer's worst points are its points! Its legs are spikes, so it will flip and try to poke you.


Flect: These fellows have big teeth, but their bite isn't the problem! Watch where you shoot when these guys are around.

Dead Flect

Ceilick: These purple beings hid in holes in the ceiling and will try to get you with their forked tongues.

Dead Ceilick

Blooguard: These burly Bloogs have big clubs to bonk their enemies. Even if they miss, their clubs shake the ground so violently you might get knocked out!

Dead Blooguard

Bobba: Bobbas are nasty indestructible beings that hop and fire deadly energy bolts from their eyes.


Nospike: These blue fellows walk around until they find something to charge at. But even charging, their favorite pastime, will bore them after a bit. Watch out for their fearsome horn! They do have one feeble point: when they charge, they don't always look where they go and they just might fall off a cliff.

Dead NospikeFalling Nospike

Orbatrix: These big blue eyeballs will bounce and spin at you! Be careful, they float and follow you.


Fleex: The Fleex are amongst the finest engineers in the universe, having designed all of the buildings and devices on Fribbulus Xax. Unfortunately, the Bloogs built them, devastating the sleek and elegant designs. The Fleex have very sensitive eyes (a natural consequence of spending a lifetime in a basement lab), so sensitive that they have to wear dark shades when they’re out in the light (making them nearly blind). To compensate, they’ve developed an oversized ear which allows them to hear other creatures as they move around.

Dead Fleex

Items   Jump to enemies

Picture Name of item Value
Molly Molly Your Objective!
Bloog Soda Bloog Soda 100 points
Ice Cream Bar Ice Cream Bar 200 points
Chocolate Ice Cream Chocolate Ice Cream 500 points
Root Beer Float Root Beer Float 1000 points
Banana Split Banana Split 2000 points
Pizza Slice Pizza Slice 5000 points
Neural Stunner Neural Stunner 5 ammo
Key Gems Key Gems Open locked doors
Viva Viva Collect 100 for extra life
Queen Viva Queen Viva Extra life

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