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Commander Keen: Keen Dreams

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None of the enemies can be killed, but if they're hit by a Flower Power, they temporarily turn into a flower. Flower
The only ones that don't are the Sour Grapes, the Melon Lips and of course Boobus Tuber.
Pictures of the enemies aren't available yet.



Frenchy: The french-fry tossing Frenchy is very dangerous. Watch out!

Crazed Carrot Crazed Carrot: These veggies run around at a high pace. They're not directly dangerous, but they push you.
Tater Trooper

Tater Trooper: The most common inhabitants of Tuberia, these bayonet carrying spuds almost always seem to be around.

Pea Pod

Pea Pod: They're not directly harmful, but they spit out Pea Brains.

   Pea Brain

Pea Brain: The offspring of the Pea Pods look cute enough, but don't be fooled by that sweet face! They're pure evil


Squasher: The squasher (appropriately) try to squish Commander Keen when he walks nearby.

Sour Grape

Sour Grapes: These poor grapes are so sour at life, they'll fall off the vine whenever Commander Keen steps beneath them!


Apel: These apples are rotten to the core! Be warned that they can climb poles too!

Boobus Tuber

Boobus Tuber: The King of Tuberia, this guy is huge. Seriously huge. He can jump as good, or better than you, so watch out!


Tomatooth: The mad tomatoes of Tuberia will try to eat you whole!


Broccolash: Packing 125 lbs. of hair, Commander Keen better watch out where he steps to avoid being crushed!


Asparagusto: These dangerous vegetables run towards Commander Keen with their large, spiky forehead!

Melon LipsMelon Lips

Melon Lips: Watch out for the black seeds shot from these fed up watermelons! They always seem to be in the most inconvenient places!

Items   Jump to enemies

Picture Name of item Value
Peppermint Peppermint 100 points
Cookie Cookie 200 points
Candy Cane Candy Cane 500 points
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar 1000 points
Lollipop Lollipop 2000 points
Cotton Candy Cotton Candy 5000 points
Flower Power Flower Power 1 ammo
Flower Pot Flower Pot 5 ammo
Boobus Bomb Boobus Bomb You need 12 to kill Boobus Tuber
Key Key Opens locked doors
Waving Keen Waving Keen Extra life
Magic Eyeball Magic Eyeball 3 extra lives + 8 ammo

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