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Commander Keen: Game Boy Color


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Droidiccus Prime

Dorp Dorp: The Droidiccus combined their robot technology with an organic alien life form to create the Dorp. The Dorp's skin is poisonous, so beware! Dead Dorp
Darg Darg: The Darg is like a Dorp on steroids. Don't mess with the Darg! Dead Darg
Sentry Droid Sentry Droid: You may spot these seemingly mindless sentries throughout the Droidican cities. The Emperor uses them to keep tabs on his soldiers. They are indestructible, so don't mess with them!
Droid 1 Droid 1: This low-flying pest has no real personality. Its presence is less-than magnetic. You won't be shocked when you see it. Don't let it annoy you. Dead Droid 1
Droid 2 Droid 2: This hopping robot's primary function is to guard the Hive, but it does other menial work during its off-duty hours. Don't drop your guard around this mechanical menace! Dead Droid 2
Droid 3 Droid 3: This is one of the two robots created for menial work and guard duties around the Robot Hive. This robot moves fast along vertical platforms and may smack into you if you don't look out. Again, no serious threat, although they can get annoying. Dead Droid 3
Droidican Soldier Droidican Soldier: These robotic troopers are the Droidican Emperor's prime defense - serving to keep the Warp Drive technology safe. Droidican Soldiers aren't very smart though, so they need a lot of discipline. Dead Droidican Soldier
Droidican Elite Droidican Elite: The Droidican Elite are master soldiers, and the Emperor counts on them to keep the other troops in line. Armed with deadly lasers, these droids are a serious threat! Dead Droidican Elite
Dood Dood: This tiny guy seems pleasant enough until you least expect it, then he goes all to pieces! Dead Dood
Fire Imp Fire Imp: These fiery creatures think they're pretty hot. They lurk in the rocky wasteland between the Imperial Palace and the Robot Hive. Dead Fire Imp
Blue Cyba-Mallow Red Cyba-Mallow Cyba-Mallow: One day, when they were bored, the Droidiccus created the Cyba-Mallow. It's part marshmallow and part cyborg, and all trouble! Dead Blue Cyba-MallowDead Red Cyba-Mallow
Droidican Emperor Droidican Emperor: The Droidican Emperor is a poisonous foe. You'll have to face him on his home turf: the Royal Chambers, which is a strange and unnerving place. The Emperor runs from one side of the chamber to the other, alternately throwing poison at you and then releasing a robot to help him in his attack. Shoot the robot and avoid the Emperor's poison.
If the Emperor is defeated, Commander Keen will be awarded a plasma crystal.
Dead Droidican Emperor


Arachnu Arachnu: Insane, crab-walking creatures that hold their dangerous mouths high in the air. Dead Arachnu
Berkeloid Berkeloid: This fiery fella is not to be toyed with. He throws big fireballs, and is tough to kill. Dead Berkeloid
Bounder Bounder: These red, friendly, bouncing guys can help you reach high places!
Poison Slug Poison Slug: The most common inhabitant of the Mushroom Forest, Poison Slugs mean trouble twice - once if you touch them, twice if they charge at you! Dead Poison Slug
Badoing Badoing: The Shikadi kidnapped these mutant worms from a far away galaxy for reasons unknown. The Badoings mostly hide in the floor panels of the Shikadi mother ship, waiting to surprise any unsuspecting visitors. Dead Badoing
Mad Mushroom Mad Mushroom: Dangerous fungi that hop and are deadly to touch. They jump higher every three bounces. Dead Mad Mushroom
Little Ampton Little Ampton: This little fellow slides up and down poles and works on his computer terminals. Don't be on the pole he's on, 'cause he slides up and down quickly!
Robo Red Robo Red: Robo Red is a nasty guard. If he hears a sound, he shoots first and asks questions later. Avoid, avoid, avoid! Dead Robo Red
Shikadi Shikadi: These energy beings built the Omegamatic and plan to destroy the galaxy. Watch out for them near poles. Dead Shikadi
Shikadi Master Shikadi Master: The most frightful foe aboard the Omegamatic, they cast Electrospheres at you and teleport around. Very dangerous.
Shikadi Sentry Shikadi Sentry: Woe be the hero that wanders near one of these. They will move back and forth until they hit you!
Sphereful Sphereful: Frightful plasma orbs with orbiting razor sensors, tread carefully by these dangerous denizens. Dead Sphereful
Shikadi Overlord Shikadi Overlord: This Boss is very simple to defeat, in theory.
It's a straight fight - your Neural Ray Blaster against his rather powerful homing rockets. But the odds are in his favor because he only has to hit you once but you must shoot him many times. To make matters worse, he has a personal teleporter, so watch your back!
If the Shikadi Overlord is defeated, Commander Keen will be awarded another plasma crystal.
Dead Shikadi Overlord

Fribbulus Xax

Bobba Bobba: Bobbas are nasty red beings that hop and fire deadly energy bolts from their eyes. Dead Bobba
Bloog Bloog: The Bloogs stole your babysitter a long time ago. These one-eyed green carnivores are driven by their hunger across the galaxy. Dead Bloog
Blooguard Blooguard: These burly Bloogs have big clubs to bonk their enemies. Avoid these creeps at all costs! Dead Blooguard
Blooglet Blooglet: The little Blooglets are just as hungry as their big brothers, but they're not quite as frightening, are they? Dead Blooglet
Bubba Bubba: Bubba likes to float above the calm waters of Blooglet Lake and watch the fish swim below. He's been known to mistake heroes for seafood, so watch out! Dead Bubba
Dopefish Dopefish: The second dumbest creature in the universe, this creature's thought patterns go "swim swim hungry, swim swim hungry." They'll eat anything alive and moving near them, though they prefer heroes. Dead Dopefish
Casta Casta: The Fleex designed the floating Casta to monitor the high-tech machinery in their laboratories. The Casta won't attack you, but it's indestructible, so try not to get too close!
Nospike Nospike: These blue fellows walk around until they find something to charge at. But even charging, their favorite pastime, will bore them after a bit. Watch out for their fearsome horn! Dead Nospike
Flect Flect: The Flect is always in a hurry, and has nowhere to go. This terminally worried creature has tentacles for hair and a reflective plate on its chest. It's best to be sneaky when dealing with a Flect. Dead Flect
Gik Gik: This hard-shelled customer's worst points are its points! Its legs are spikes, so it will jump and try to poke you. Dead Gik
Fleex Fleex: The Fleex are amongst the finest engineers in the universe, having designed all of the buildings and devices on Fribbulus Xax. Unfortunately, the Bloogs built them, devastating the sleek and elegant designs. The Fleex have very sensitive eyes (a natural consequence of spending a lifetime in a basement lab). To compensate, they've developed an oversized ear which allows them to hear other creatures as they move around. Dead Fleex
Hovva Hovva: This robotic centurion is somewhat like a flying tank. The robot itself is harmless, but beware! He carries an electric coil to help him float, and will run you down without hesitation. Dead Hovva
Robo-Bloog Robo-Bloog: A Robo-Bloog is essentially a Cyborg Bloog. It's a Bloog with the mind of ten super-computers and the body of... well, 10 super-computers.
The Robo-Bloog can fire a huge ball of energy. If either the Robo-Bloog or the energy ball hits Commander Keen, that's it. Unfortunately, every time the Robo-Bloog recharges his energy ball he adds one more shot to his attack. For example, after his second recharge, he'll have two energy balls, etc. The more overcharged Robo-Bloog becomes, the more erratic his behavior is. It'll be hard to time your attacks!
If the Robo-Bloog is defeated, Commander Keen will be awarded the third plasma crystal, and the Earth will be saved!
Dead Robo-Bloog


Mortimer McMire Mortimer McMire: Commander Keen's arch-nemesis, school rival, and all-around evildoer. He's masterminded your entire adventure and wants to see the Universe destroyed! You'll never catch him, but he's out there! Waiting to see you fail!


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Picture Name of item Value
Red Key Green Key Yellow Key Keys Open locked doors
Keen Icon Keen Icon Extra life
Red Plasma Crystal Blue Plasma Crystal Yellow Plasma Crystal Plasma Crystals Collect all to complete the game

Droidiccus Prime

Picture Name of item Value
Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk 5 points
Soda Soda 5 points
Tart Stix Tart Stix 5 points (1st level) / 10 points (2nd level)
Cotton Candy Cotton Candy 5 points (1st level) / 25 points (3rd level)
Pizza Slice Pizza Slice 5 points (1st level) / 25 points (3rd level)
Battery Battery 10 points
Marshmallow Marshmallow 10 points
Shikkers Candy Bar Shikkers Candy Bar 10 points
Pudding Pudding 10 points (2nd level) / 25 points (3rd level)
Soda Soda 10 points (2nd level) / 25 points (3rd level)
Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher 25 points
Unwrapped Candy Bar Unwrapped Candy Bar 25 points
Unwrapped Candy Bar Vial of Potion 50 points


Picture Name of item Value
Candy Cane Candy Cane 5 points
Doughnut Doughnut 5 points
Shikadi Soda Shikadi Soda 5 points
Candy Bar Candy Bar 5 points (1st level) / 10 points (2nd level)
Peppermint Peppermint 5 points (1st level) / 25 points (3rd level)
Mushroom Mushroom 10 points
Shikadi Gum Shikadi Gum 10 points
Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake 10 points (2nd level) / 25 points (3rd level)
Cookie Cookie 10 points (2nd level) / 25 points (3rd level)
Small Crystal Small Crystal 25 points
Ice Cream Bar Ice Cream Bar 25 points
Sugar Stoopies Cereal Sugar Stoopies Cereal 25 points
Three-Tooth Gum Three-Tooth Gum 25 points
Rocket Rocket 50 points

Fribbulus Xax

Picture Name of item Value
Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Cone 5 points
Pizza Pizza 5 points
Soda Soda 5 points
Zitto Candy Bar Zitto Candy Bar 5 points (1st level) / 10 points (2nd level)
Lollipop Lollipop 5 points (1st level) / 10 points (2nd level) / 25 points (3rd level)
Water Bubble Water Bubble 10 points
Bag O' Sugar Bag O' Sugar 10 points
Banana Split Banana Split 10 points (2nd level) / 25 points (3rd level)
Super Flower Power Super Flower Power 10 points (2nd level) / 25 points (3rd level)
Key Key 25 points
Root Beer Float Root Beer Float 25 points
Soda Soda 25 points
Computer Chip Computer Chip 50 points

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