This interview was conducted by eK via email. We'd like to thank Geoff Sims for taking the time to do an interview for the community. Geoff Sims was the first webmaster of Cerebral Cortex 314 and has since moved on to bigger and better things.

First off, tell those readers who are less informed who you are and what your involvement with Commander Keen and it's community is.
Ok. My name is Geoff, and I was the original creator of the website of what is now known as "Cerebral Cortex 314". At the time of its creation, I spent my time answering people's questions and queries about CK, and also updating the website with as much Keen related information I could get my hands on. Now however, I have moved on, and am no longer running the site. I still actively take part in CK discussions every now and then, as well as manage the CK project "The Mystery of Isis II", and continue to work on my Keen level editor, Keen MakeOver.

So, how did you first come accross keen?
I first came across Keen when I was in about Year 1 or 2 at school, which would have made me about... 5 or 6 years old I think. I played Keens 1-3 at a friends house, and what fun we had :) I think though, I really got to like Keen a few years later, with the release of Keen 4, because I found it more like an adventure game.

What about keen made you such a dedicated fan?
To be honest, at the time I created the site, I wasn't very dedicated at all. I became dedicated after compiling all the information about Keen, and realising just how much information there was. I became a bit obsessed, I think.

Why did you make your keen site? Did you expect anybody to visit it?
One day I did a websearch for Commander Keen. Apart from the Apogee/3DR sites, there was only a few other hits. I think I found only 2 webpages which were in dedication of Commander Keen. These were:

Arthur's 'Unofficial' Keen Page <broken link>
William's Commander Keen Page <broken link>

To my knowledge, neither of these sites exist anymore, unfortunately. Anyway, these sites were fun, but neither contained much useful information about Keen, so I decided to create my site. The original aim was just to collect all the information available about Keen, and put it together in a nice, organised website. By reading the site, you were able to find out nearly everything about a given Keen game: the story, the enemies, the items and point values, cheats, tips, and more. From here, the site just continued to grow, as it got increasingly popular, and as I constantly got sent loads of new information from fans around the world.

A small keen community has grown around your site. What's it like knowing that you're responsible for most of the unnofficial keen games and that keen might even have a future on the game boy color or at Ion Storm because of that single site you made?
Well, it's a pretty weird feeling. No one even thinks about this now, but if the site hadn't been created, I highly doubt that any of the MANY unoffical games / sites would have even been dreamt of. It feels very fullfiling that so many people have come together with the common interest of Keen, and became friends, exchanged information and stories, and even come together as teams of game developers. I think that the community as it is now is very strong, and nothing will tear it apart. Sure people will come and go, however it will always be there, and new Keen sites and games will be continually developed.

I had never actually thought that the Keen color game boy idea was a result of the recent increase in demand for a new Keen, but I guess it could be true. Whilst it is great that this could possibly be a stepping stone to the creation of Keen 7, I do not think the game boy color Keen will be anything special, that is, if it ever gets produced. (this interview was done prior to the announcement)

Why did you shut down your keen page and hand it over to Thea?
CC314 had reached over 150,000 hits if I remember correctly, and I was recieving 10-15 emails per day. about 90% of these emails were asking for the non-shareware keens, or what the names of the enemies are in Keen 6 (GRRR!). Also, I was under immense pressure to continue updating. I didn't have the time to update the site and deal with the amount of emails, so I thought I'd give it to someone who did...

What made you go from "Geoff's Commander Keen page" "Cerebral Cortex 314"?
Well, when I gave my site a face lift, I think its quality improved a lot. It needed a decent name, something which would make it stand out from the rest, and when you (eK) mentioned it to me, it just clicked. It was perfect.

What do you think of the latest 'reincarnation of cc314?
You guys have done a great job. I really, really like it. I think the graphics and layout are supurb, and the content is a lot more organised than how I had it. I look forward to seeing it grow in the future.

Note from eK: But it'll never beat the original :)

What do you think is going to happen to keen in the future? Anything? 
To be honest, no, and I think it's probably best that way. We all know Tom wants to lead a team to create another Keen, but realistically, the chances are not very high. And if Tom can't convince iD to let him, then no one can. Even if there was a new Keen, I wouldn't play it. Personally I hate the games that are created today, and would much rather play one of the original Keens.

How's KMO coming along?

95% of the programming for KMO is done. Flaose is helping me complete if by doing all the tedious parts for me (creating a database of all the tiles). It could be completed in a few days if we had all the data we needed, but I just don't have that sort of time right now. It will be done some day, and I look forward to that day, because we will all be able to have heaps of fun playing new levels in the worlds of Keen 1, 2 and 3. 

After KMO, any other projects planned for the community and what are your future life plans? College? Job?
Apart from leading "The Mystery of Isis II", no, I do have a life outside of Keen :)

Right now I am in the process of finishing school. Next year I will hopefully be travelling, and after that, well I'm not really sure. I'll probably go to university and do some sort of science, but nothing is certain.

Note from eK: Isis II is dead