The Standard Galactic Alphabet

This is where you can find out about the Standard Galactic Alphabet which is used in every Keen game except Keen Dreams.
You can see the translation of the alphabet and then test yourself by trying to decipher some signs taken from the games.

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Here is a translation by Geoff Sims, the original creator of this site

Here's one from the secret level in Keen 3. Go to the secret level and right at the start jump up. You will stumble across this translation in a Vorticon school:

There is also a translation in the secret level on Fribbulus Xax. Behind the blue door there is a platform that goes "into" the ceiling. Stand on it and just as it goes inside the ceiling jump right into a hidden area. You'll fall down. Then walk to this translation:


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Now that you know SGA, try to translate these signs:

These signs are taken from various places in Commander Keen 1
This sign is taken from Commander Keen 2

These are some of the MANY signs are taken from Commander Keen 3
This sign is found above the translation in Commander Keen 6

These signs are taken from various places in Commander Keen 6


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You can now write SGA on your own computer! Just download the SGA True Type Font and copy it to your fonts directory (usually C:\Windows\Fonts).

Download the SGA True Type Font!