Addon Levels

Currently most levels featured here are for keen 1. All levels here were either made with KeenEDIT by Jeremy Haubold, KMO by Geoff Sims and Peder Johnson or with Andy Durdin's Keen Editor. Send all level submissions to Flaose along with a description of the pack (ie how many levels, difficulty, etc). Levels will appear only after being tested and reviewed. It may be a while between submission and it appearing on the site, please be patient, if it's still not up after 2 weeks then feel free to start bugging us.

If you have multiple level packs and want to manage them in an easy way, use the Commander Keen Level Pack Loader (for Windows) by Snaily. You need the Visual Basic 6 runtime library for this program to work.

Commander Keen 1 Levels
Adam A whole pack of 16 levels. Not the greatest levels ever, but not abysmal either. Includes some original and fun levels but the backgrounds are very distracting. Keen Armageddon
AireFresco A pack of 9 levels. Decent, but quite a rediculous degree sometimes. AireFresco's Level Pack
AR This contains 6 levels, but the great thing is, they are like "extra levels". AR has cleverly redesigned the map level, extending is so you can have more than 16 levels in the game. This is an original idea, and I suggest you try it out. AR's Levels
Benoit Rouleau An almost full level pack! 14 new levels in this pack. They're not too challenging but they're pretty fun. Includes a slightly modified world map too. the return of the vorticons Úpisode1: return on mars
Dopefish A complete set of 16 custom levels. These levels are very well designed, and are relatively big in size too. Another GREAT set of levels, worth the download! Dopefish's Levels
Grelphy Here's a great replacement for the first level! Not too big, and not too small. Definately worth a playthrough! Martian building
A nearly impossible level. Quite tall, very hard. Martian 'Skyscraper'
Ilsoap 6 great levels from Ilsoap! Along with a modified help text. Ilsoap's Levels
Manboy 3 new challenging levels from Manboy. See if you can collect all the treasure! Manboy's Levels
Mitchell A fairly good Keen level, and pretty fun to boot! Mitchell's Keen 1 Level
MRC Marky An untested pack KEEN Episode 1.x The Dark Side Of Mars
Neil McRae 2 untested packs Ice Levels
Pablo Dictter A great little pack called called 'The Freaking Vorticon' from Pablo. level01.ck1 and level07.ck1, check out Pablo's other packs (coming soon). The Freaking Vorticon
Peder Johnson Untested Peder's Default KMO Levels
Perry A devious puzzle level that I have yet to complete. Dungeon of Mystery
pLeitorian A complete set of 16 custom levels. The difficulty rating is "sadistic bastard." The complexity is "medium." Download this if you want a REAL challenge. I highly recomment it! pLeit's Levels 1
This is pLeit's 2nd level pack for Commander Keen 1, made from scratch with KMO. The difficulty rating is Medium (hard for high scoring items, low for low scoring). There are also secrets (7 ways to get to the end level), and new features (Jump over & under fire past nasty Ice Cannons! Arenas where you fight Vorticons!). Another EXCELLENT level pack! pLeit's Levels 2
Thomas and Kael 14 great levels from Thomas and his friend Kael! These are some tough levels, so all I can recommend is saving after every level and using all the skills you have. Thomas and Kael's Levels
Tom Bailey Untested Tom's First Levels
It's a small replacement for the secret level, but man it's hard! Tom's Secret Level
Valerio Just one level. This one replaces The Battery Level, in fact it's pretty much The Battery Level with ice and a large amount of treasure. Surprisingly enough though, this level is a fun one. i am frozen
Xky Rauh The Ice Factory. This contains one level - level02.ck1. This was the first level ever created with the editor, as far as I know. It's a pointless level, but it's fun - you start off, and get blasted by invisible Ice Cannons, and you are taken to the end of the level in an ice block! The challenge however, is, once you are free of the ice block, to go back and collect the goodies! The Ice Factory
This contains one level - level02.ck1. This is an amazing level. It is VERY big, and also VERY challenging! For the keenest of the keen, this level is for you. See if you can get EVERY item! Includes a neat little "Tetris Room". I recommend it! Xky's Mega Level
This Pack contains 7 original levels, with Xky's Ice Factory added on. The levels are fairly well designed, but one of them will drive you crazy if you don't cheat :) Psycho Keen
Commander Keen 2 Levels
Andy Durdin The first Keen 2 levels created by Andy's Keen Editor. A very slightly modified world map and an "extra" level. This one's great (and quite hard), check it out! Andy's Keen 2 Levels
Grelphy A two level pack. Includes 'First Level' and 'Engine Room'. These levels are lots of fun, though engine room is pretty challenging (read: rediculously hard). Grelphy's Keen 2 Pack
Mitchell An awesome Keen 2 level! Great layout and full great gameplay! My only complaint is the lack of (easy to reach) charges. Definately a recommended download! Mitchell's Keen 2 Level
What can I say? Another great level from Mitch! Download this one, you won't be disappointed. Mitchell's 2nd Keen 2 Level
Commander Keen 3 Levels
BlueBounder An excellent level! Keen must infiltrate an underground Vorticon bunker complete with a luxury elevator and a 'fail-proof' security system on the exit. In this level, brains dominate over brawn. An exciting and underused feature is that parts of this level are literally timed - Ankhs have never been used like this before! The level's one big puzzle and you'll have fun solving it - especially if you try to get all exactly 100 000 points! BlueBounder's Keen 3 level
Dagneilius A very difficult remake of the second level. There's 153 400 points to be gotten! Also included is a new storytxt.ck1 (should you want it). Level 2 remake
Grelphy This is an...err...interesting level. A nice tiny replacement for the first level, only 1.61 kb! The underground level
Now here's a great level! What we have here is a believable underground Vorticon base (well, as believable as Keen can get :), elevators, and Vorticons galore! Just make sure you've stocked up on gun charges before attempting this baby. Underground Maze
This castle is very big and very hard. The Vorticon Castle
rrian Two levels: one easy, one hard. New title screen and slightly modified world map. Download and enjoy! rrian's keen 3 levels
Shockshund, Vorter Ninja, Terri, and Grace A fairly easy Keen 3 level pack by Shockshund and his little relatives. These authors definately show potential. Vorta Retra
The Phantom Blob This is The Phantom Blob's first Keen 3 level pack. It replaces the existing levels. Keen 3 - the new levels
Commander Keen 4 Levels
ChargingMoose The First new level for Keen 4! It works great. Replaces the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket level. Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket
Quirky Moron Alters the map, does some minor modifications to levels, and one new level. Not exactly awe-inspiring... Quirky Moron's Keen 4 Level
Commander Keen 5 Levels
Grelphy Our first hosted Keen 5 level! I haven't played it myself, but it's a replacement for the Quantum Explosion Dynamo and I'm told it's very hard. The QED