Commander Keen: The Mystery of Isis II - Progress

Progress - Last Updated on July 16/00

16th Jul, 00

Hello all, eK here. The site hadn't been updated in a while so I decided I'd help DML out and whip up this post for you. Right now we're working on levels 3 and 4. Level 4, my level, is already about half done (excluding item placement), but I don't know about Level 3. We've got like 4 or 5 new tilesets in now (as opposed to the two in the demo) and they all look spiffy. Now, as for the next demo, we plan to wait until half the game is completed, which means after we've done about 6 levels. The second third of the demo, which is what's being worked on now, will most likely (but not assuredly) be done in a month or so. I haven't a clue about the final third, so don't ask : )

Isis is going pretty slow though, so if you can help in art (especially with animations and creating enemies) then contact Geoff about it. Or, I suppose you could mail me if you want, doesn't matter too much. Well, that about wraps up what I want to say for now, oh, and we might have some screens for you in the next update, so that gives you something to look forward to. Though the next update might not be for a while (though not as long as between this and the last one, I hope anyway :)

07th Apr, 00

Engine work for Isis II has finally resumed, and a new status bar design has been completed as well. Also, for your viewing pleasure, eK has put together some neat desktop wallpaper! See the links below do download the various versions that are avalible. In addition to the links below, eK says you can e-mail him for a customized image or something like that.

View 640*480 wallpaper
View 800*600 wallpaper
View 1024*768 wallpaper

25th Mar, 00

Progress continues steadily on Isis II. The story is fairly definate now, and the tilesets for the levels are under production as are the enemies. As a special treat, eK has prepared several images for your viewing pleasure. The first is a shot of Keen in his shuttle approaching Isis II, and the other is an image that eK put together showing the evolution of the Keen sprites. The first column of images are from the original Keen, the second is a set of intermediate touched up sprites, and the third column shows the latest versions. Enjoy!

19th Mar, 00

With the release of the new Isis II demo, the team is now ready to overhaul the game and add many new items and features. Many portions of the code are being rewritten, and the storyline and art are now decided upon. We now begin the difficult task of takeing our plans for the game and attempting to transform them into a functional and entertaining game. I have included several new screen shots of the latest demo below in case you have not downloaded it yet. Remember, the demo is avalible at:

14th Jan, 00

The project was put on hold for a long while, because we lacked an artist. However, with the recruitment of A. A., we were able to start making progress again. To this day, we know have nearly enough tiles to release the first demo level of our game. The storyline will be released with the game, and maybe on this site too.

2nd Sept, 99

New sprites implemented into the engine, all new weapons in and working, but still need a little bit of tweaking.

22nd Aug, 99

The new 256 Colour sprites were completed. The guns were modified slightly too. We now have a complete new set of frames for Keen. This was important, so we could give keen a new and improved look (similar to the transition of sprites from Keen1-Keen4).

20th Aug, 99

New demo arrived, with the new status bar in and working.

16th Aug, 99

Status bar completed

27th Jul, 99

All the new weapons have been implemented, and just need a bit of tweaking.

5th Jul, 99

New weapons complteted, and sent off.

4th Jul, 99

We put in some of the tiles from Keen 5, just to see how it worked. We had now successfully cloned Keen, nearly exactly.

5th Jun, 99

We recieve another new demo of the engine, this time, with some enemies implemented (the Yorp, Poison Slug, and Bloog). This was the first public release demo, and is available for download here.

27th Apr, 99

We recive the second demo of the engine, with the items, and Keen's original weapons in. Also included, was Keen pogoing.

Feb, 99

Got together some graphics from Keen 4. These included the Yorp, Slug, and Bloog, along with various items. We also got the Neural Stunner and Raygun, and sent them off to be implemeneted.

26th Jan, 99

We receive the first demo of the engine, with the Keen sprites in it.