Current Isis II Staff - Last Updated on October 18/00

DML1001 has created this engine from scratch. He implements everything we create into the engine, slowly transforming it into our new Keen game.
Artist & Assistant Game Designer
eK has some of the ideas behind our game, such as weapons and enemies. He not only thinks up the ideas, but he draws them too. He has also converted all the existing Keen sprites to nice, new, 256 colour sprites. This is the second most important role, to the programmer.
Game Designer & Level Designer
pLeitorian knows Keen like the back of his hand. With his great mind, he will come up with an interesting story line, which follows the same style as the previous Keens, and also "leaves room" for a professional company to do "The Universe is Toast". pLeit has also created some sample maps for the game. They are very complex and near impossible to beat levels, for a real challenge.
Aria AmirYar
Tile Artist
A. A. has created some beautiful tiles for our game. They very much keep the same feel of Keen.
Project Leader
I get everything together, seek out people for new jobs, etc. I have the job of making sure everything looks ok, and is going to look good in the game.
Midi Composer
Ilsoap has recently been added to the Isis II Team as our musician. He composes all the cool music you hear in the game.
Tony Gies
Sound guy
Tony is doing the sound effects for Isis II.