Cerebral Cortex 314

welcome to cerebral cortex 314

This site is dedicated to the Commander Keen games made by id Software. We hope you enjoy your visit and if you like what you see, please bookmark this site.

This site was first created by Geoff Sims as a simple fan page and grew into the largest Commander Keen dedicated site on the web. Unfortunately, Geoff was unable to continue maintaining the site and it has since fallen into somewhat decay. He passed the site on to Thea Gregory but she was also unable to put the work needed into maintaining the site. In it's current incarnation cc314 is being maintained by Dave Allen (Flaose), Ben Cruz (eK), and Tore Stubhaug (Cho'gall). Together we hope to be able to keep this site in good working order with new content and timely updates so that it never falls into a decrepit state again.