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Do you want to discuss Commander Keen with other people on the Internet? That's what the Public Commander Keen Message Board is for.
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Please make sure that you have read and agreed with the posting guidelines before you write any messages.

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Posting guidelines

I. What kind of posts are wanted?

  1. All kind of posts related to Commander Keen, for example requests for help playing the game and making it work, interesting details about the games, discussion about the fan-made games and tips for those making them, polls and similar related to Commander Keen.
  2. Announcements about websites, fan-made games or other services dedicated to Commander Keen.
  3. Posts unrelated to Commander Keen are welcome in the Miscellaneous forum as long as they comply to the rules under section III.

II. Where to post?
This board is divided into 8 active subforums, which group posts related to their topic:

Official Commander Keen Games
Discussion related to the official Keen games made by id/David A. Palmer Productions, for example playing help, technical help or other details.

Unofficial Commander Keen Games
Anything related to the new fan-made Commander Keen games.

Other Keen Stuff
Anything else, as long as it is related to Keen.

Release Forum
A place to show off your completed Commander Keen projects.

Links directly to the Keen: Modding forum which is dedicated to modifying the Commander Keen games.

Discuss whatever you want, as long as it complies with the rules in section III.

The Theater
A place to discuss your favorite books, movies, and music.

The Classics
Discussion related to classic computer or console games.

Messages posted in the wrong forum will be moved to the appropriate one by the moderators or administrators.

III. Some things you may not do:

  1. Insult or otherwise offend other users. You're allowed to disagree with somebody, but that's no reason to call that person an idiot.
  2. Start or participate in a flame war.
  3. Troll, that is, post a message with the sole intent of provoking a fierce reaction.
  4. Pretend to be anyone other than yourself (i.e. a moderator or an administrator).
  5. Spam, advertise for commercial products, pornographic websites, or make money fast schemes.
  6. Offer or request pirated copies of any commercial software (this includes Keens 2, 3, 5, the registered versions of 6 and Dreams, and the ROM of Commander Keen for the Game Boy Color!)
  7. Lobby for someone's banishment to be lifted. If you think someone has been banned on incorrect premises, contact an administrator.
  8. Post messages in ALL CAPS, which indicates you're shouting and is considered rather rude.
  9. Use a message signature containing multiple images or excessive HTML effects.
  10. Flood the board with unwelcome posts.
  11. Use vulgar language, or post anything inappropriate for children. There are kids here too, remember?
  12. Threaten to break these rules or try to make someone break them.

Administrators have the right to judge any other behaviour as bad. Use your common sense and you won't have any problems.
Administrators and moderators also have the right and duty to close or delete messages violating these rules.