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Commander Keen Mods

Mods are total remakes of the Keen games - the only thing left is the engine, which is the original Keen 1,2 or 3 engine. So a mod is actually like an unofficial Keen game, however, since they use the original engine, they can be considerably easier both to make and to play: The person making the game doesn't have to hassle about programming the engine, while a player familiar with the Keen games will find it easy to manoeuver since it works the same way as the other Keen games.

If you make a mod, e-mail Cho'gall and we'll feature it here.
If you want to make one, but don't know how, visit the Editing Keen page.

Commander Keen in Yorphius II, by KeenRush This is the very first mod to be made with ModKeen. An official review will be coming soon. To run this mod, unzip all the files into a directory that already has a working Keen 1 installed. Download
Commander Keen: Episode X
by Xkylyr Rauh
This mod has received great praise from the general public and I have to agree. Xky has put a lot of work into this game and has carefully used all the possibilities of the Keen 1 engine in a very inventive way. The level design is great - this game is comparable to the original Keen 1 in quality. The only reproach I have is the sometimes excessive use of dark coloured tiles. To run it, unzip the files into a Keen directory and run XKYKEEN.BAT. Download
Norp the Yorp in Inside Mortimer's Computer
by Xtraverse
Commander Keen's pet yorp Spot is bored of his life in Billy Blaze's backyard and decides to change his name to Norp, and go on a vacation to visit his old friends on Mars. When he gets there though, he gets twisted into one of Mortimer's plots that he alone, without the help of Billy, must get out of. To do so, he must travel through the circuits of Mortimer's computer in order to save the Yorps of Mars. Download
Bazooka Wowbagger, Savior of Planet Paperface, feat. Commander Keen
by PaperfaceMusic
Planet Paperface is under attack by evil hard-rockers! Commander Keen has chickenpox, so Bazooka Wowbagger, a blue long-tailed Ozma, has to save the day!
This game is very well made. Even if Keen is not the main character of this game, you should really try it out. To start this game, run 1BAZOOKA.BAT.
If you're having memory problems with this mod, use the smaller memory load version.
Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement
by Flaose
Based on the Mario demo that eventually led to the Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons trilogy, this is probably the closest we'll ever get to seeing the real deal! To start this game, unzip all files into the same folder and run DAVE2.BAT. Download
Lego Keen
by Ilsoap
Young Billy Blaze gets a Lego set for Christmas, and builds the realm of Blazetown. One of the Lego figures, Captain Keen, must enter the castles of Sir Icky to save the Princess of Blazetown. This is a very well made mod. To start this game, unzip all files into the same folder and run LEGO.BAT. Download