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Unofficial Projects

This page will have on it Commander Keen projects on it, being made by people who are NOT working with ID, Apogee, IonStorm, Softdisk, or FormGen. I will give downloads where possible, but if there is no download, don't email me asking for one, because I don't have one! Also, please don't ask me (or the authors for that matter) for help with these games. They are making them for fun, and would rather not be bothered by irrelevant questions. In particular, DO NOT ask when it will be released.

Project Name:Commander Keen: Lost in Time
Creator:Vapour Technologies.
Current Status:In Development
Comments:This is another game being done in Click&Create. All the sprites are new, or they are old ones that have had their colours changed. Demo coming soon.

Project Name:KeenPlus
Creator:Neil McRae.
Current Status:In Development
Comments:Now compiled, you can play it easier. It has a few bugs, but it shows some promise.

Project Name:Commander Keen 8
Creator:Toby Abramson, Ari Derin, Eric Mui, Zackary Finewax and Brandon Walderman.
Current Status:In Development
Comments:This is a game being made with Klik&Play. So far it is inly in the beninning stages, and it has no demo as of yet. Visit the project's website for more information.

Project Name:The Mystery of Isis 2
Creator:DML1001, eK, pLeitorian, Vertigo and Geoff.
Current Status:In Development
Comments:This is a great engine, and is looking to be a great game as well. Lots of effects, and many features.

Project Name:Keen Fury
Current Status:In Development (260kb)
Comments:This is a very nice engine indeed. The reason for this is because it is much like the original. This demo contains three levels, with background music. This engine even has animated tiles. Use the left control button to jump, and space to fire (when you have ammo). You can also "rapid fire" by holding down the space bar. This version now scrolls and has enemies! If you would like the older version(s), download - 2nd version or - original version.

Project Name:Real Keen Player
Current Status:In Development (600kb)
Comments:This is designed to be an exact replica of the newer Keen games. It is a bit jerky, but it works OK. You can visit the official RKP page here.
Project Name:NetKeen (Original)
Current Status:Discontinued
Download:netkeen1.exe (1.42mb)
Comments:This is a nice engine. You play 1 of 10 Yorps. You can jump and pogo, and it scrolls smoothly, thats about it.

Project Name:NetKeen (Remake)

Keen jumped into his space Megarocket a mixed expression on his face. Being stranded for three weeks on the desolate planet of Phlebbar 9, he is both relieved and distressed.. What would his parents say when he got back? Keen cringed inwardly at the thought and sighed.

Blasting through space towards the small blue planet at the other end of the galaxy, Keen reflected on his recent adventures. All the universe had been saved because of him, and for now it was safe. He leaned back and played idly with his wrist-computer. Suddenly, out of nowhere a huge object thuds into Keen's ship! 'What the..!!?' Keen yells, and grabs for the manual controls. Through a viewscreen he sees a smaller craft jammed right into the cargo hold of his ship! 'man.. my blaster was in there!'. One by one, small purple beings surround Keen, overpower him, and take him prisoner. 'darnit!', Keen curses!they shove him into the smaller ship and prod him towards a large viewscreen. Gradually a much BIGGER ship decloaks, directly in their path. The view fuzzes out, and is shortly replaced by one a mug shot of one of the ugliest aliens in the galaxy! 'YOU!!!!', yells Keen in fury, 'MORTIMER MCMIRE!!! YOU WRECKED MY SHIP!'There in front of Keen stands his old school rival. 'NO. I am not who you think. Well... I am... But not really! When you destroyed me, my consiousness was transferred into a Sh-MegaComputer and my underlings rebuilt me. I'm stronger, more intelligent, and more powerful than you, Billy Blaze!', said the cackling kid, 'As your punishment you will be doomed to exile on the planet Xolon for the rest of your life. There you will slowly starve and DIE!!!!' the figure on the screen laughed for several minutes more until Keen finally interrupted. 'You won't get away with this!! I'll come back and waste you again, you twisted pile of s-' The screen fuzzed back into the starfield, with the huge ship up ahead. Keen wondered what awaited him on this Xolon planet.. The small purple creatures shoved him onto a transporter pad and flipped a switch. Keen collapsed on the desert ground. Dimly on the horizon he could see a city. He pulled out a small package from his pocket and set it on the ground. He bent over to press a button on the top, and it immediately unfolded into a Vorticon RailGun. An awesome weapon, but not Keen's ideal. 'Oh well.. I can always pick up something better..' he thought to himself, clenching his teeth and narrowing his blue eyes, Keen strode purposefully towards the shimmering city.

Current Status:Discontinued (451k)
Comments:This is a really nice engine. Great graphics and gameplay, smooth scrolling as well. Pity he didn't continue it!

Project Name:Commander Keen 2000
Current Status:Completed (1.08mb)

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