A Little History About Myself

Why I Like Keenbnr.gif (8018 bytes)So Much   
freekeen.jpg (5698 bytes) Well, it all started back in '94 when we had just bought our new computer (Just a 486). I was 11 and the only computer games I knew of where the Microsoft Entertainment Packs and Flight Simulator. One day my Mom and Dad gave me a gift. It was Microsoft Flight Simulator (now I had half of the games in the whole world!). It came with a Gravis joystick and on the bottom left corner there was a picture that said, "Includes Free Commander Keen BONUS GAME!" When we installed it, I played Keen 4 more then Flight Simulator. I discovered there were even MORE of these "Keen" games, as you can imagine, I was REALLY excited! We finally got internet access, and well, the rest is history!
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