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Hi, welcome to the "All You Can Eat Commander Keen" page. Why did I pick that name? Well, because this page has practically everything you could possibly want to know about Commander Keen. I have spent hours on end compiling pictures and info on our hero, Captain Keen (that's Commander Keen!!) Enjoy!

Oh, and if you know or have anything interesting about Commander Keen, please E-mail me at

Start Eating!

Want to know why Keen Dreams never had a number? This and other questions are answered in History of the Commander Keen Game Series.

See what those weird signs say with The Standard Galactic Alphabet.

What are all those weird creatures? Find out at Commander Keen Foes!

Want to know the points and pickups of all the games? Then go to Commander Keen Items.

Want to see some great screen shots? Go to Commander Keen Screen Shots.

Think your pretty good at Commander Keen? Let's just see. Compare your score to other players at the Commander Keen Episode 4 High Score Table.

And finally, A little history about myself.

Recent updates

8.28.98 - Updated the Keen 4 High Score Table. Added some names to Commander Keen Foes.

8.19.98 - Fixed some links in Downloads. Added more to Downloads.

3.12.98 - Changed host and gave the site a much needed face-lift. Added some things to Downloads. Finished the Standard Galactic Alphabet page.

2.20.98 - Took down Keens 2, 3, 5, and 6 and fixed some bugs.

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If you played Keen 5, there was a screen that said something to the effect of "Join us in December 1992 for the greatest Keen adventure yet." There was a picture of Keen smiling, with a Santa Claus hat on. At the time, id Software was intending to do a third series of Commander Keen, tentatively entitled "Commander Keen: The Universe is Toast." However, other projects came up (Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, and later, Doom). At this time, there is no development going on in the Commander Keen department. I don't know about you, but I sure would like to see "The Universe is Toast" be completed
and released, so here is my idea. If we all send a bunch of e-mail to id software, they just might complete the game for all of us Keen fans! There E-mail address is
webmaster@idsoftware.com.  Click here to E-mail them.

Keensays.gif (1081 bytes) Commander Keen says: "I hope you enjoyed this web page, I did!"

Notice: Please don't send me e-mail asking for Keens 2, 3, 5, or 6. These are not free and I can't give
them to you. Also, please don't ask me for help with the games, that’s what the
Commander Keen message board is for.

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7331 Keen fans came to the previous host of All-You-Can-Eat Commander Keen (see the signs below) from 12/18/97 to 3/13/98!

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