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Keen 1-3 Secret Stuff

Keen 4 Secret Stuff

Keen 5 Secret Stuff

Keen 6 Secret Stuff

Keen 4-6 & Keen Dreams Debug Keys

Keen 1-3 Secret Stuff

<CT> + [SPACE] = Gives Keen a pogostick, all of the keycards and lots of ray gun charges.

While at the map level, pressing <SHIFT/TAB> will allow you to bypass a city.

<GOD> = Enters GOD mode. While in GOD mode creatures cannot kill keen. Also if you have the pogostick and are currently bouncing on it you can hold down Ctrl to fly through the air.

NOTE: Fire, spikes and open holes will still kill Keen.

Keen 4 Secret Stuff

Go to the Pyramid of the Crescent Moon, stand on one of the two crescent moons on the floor, and Keen will "moon" you. You can only do this once.

<Ctrl-cursor> Makes you climb poles and swim faster.

<END> Saves all the Gnosticenes and goes to the end story.

<BAT> Gives you 99 shots and 1up.

First 'village', under houses in tunnel by lava pool, there's a hidden gap you can reveal with the <F10/Y> cheat, and jump through with the <F10/J> cheat, which leads to 9 extra lives.

How to get to The Pyramid of the Forbidden: In the Pyramid of the Crescent Moon, go to bottom, gather all the inch worms at your feet. when all the inch worms are gathered they will form a foot, jump on the foot and it will fly you to the Pyramid of the Forbidden.

You can not get to the raindrops and lifewater flasks floating over the underground river in Lifewater Oasis (it's just a tease.)

Keen 5 Secret Stuff

Top left hand corner of the first level - look for the hidden tunnel with <F10/Y> and reach it with <F10/J> jump cheat. Its hidden just on the left hand edge of the level, past a laser bolt gun. I've never managed to reach it without God Mode and Jump Cheat. It leads to the right hand side of the screen, where there's 9 extra lives. Once you take the tunnel, you can't get back to the main screen, you have to exit from the extra lives area.

How to get to The Secret Korath III Base: Play the Defense Tunnel Teln until just before the exit door, stand behind the arch, push and hold the down control and press the jump key. Move down the tunnel until you reach a secret room and then go up to the transporter.

There's a fuse at the top of The Secret Korath III Base. Break it, then warp to the final level and complete the game. Compare the ending with the version you get if you don't break this hidden fuse.

Try decoding the strange strange signs - a few of them are funny or helpful. At one point you find the whole alphabet written out in these 'runes'. Try decoding the piece of paper you get at the end of the game.

Keen 6 Secret Stuff

The sign by the cookbook says "How to serve Humans". This is a reference to a Science Fiction story.

The hidden level in this one is past the final level in the top left hand corner of the main screen. Get the ticket, then stand there. A rocket picks you up and takes you to the extra level.

In one level, the pipework in the walls spells out "Romero", one of the guys who worked on the games.

Go to the Bean with Bacon Megarocket screen. Up on the right hand side there is a hidden chute that will take you to a secret level underground. You will have to use the pogo stick to jump high enough to grab the edge of the chute though.

Keen 4-6 & Keen Dreams Debug Keys

<Ctrl-Alt/Q> = Exits to DOS.

NOTE: Does not work for Keen Dreams.

<F9> = BOSS mode. This can be done anytime, I don't know if it was documented or not. Makes it look like your in DOS if your BOSS walks in.

NOTE: <A/2> + [ENTER] = Debugging keys.  Need to use this one first in Keen 4 and Keen 5 or the others below don't work.

  • <F10/B> = Set border color (1-15)
  • <F10/C> = Number of active/inactive objects in level.
  • <F10/D> = Record DEMO mode. Press it again to save the demo.
  • <F10/E> = End or finish the current level.
  • <F10/G> = GOD mode (nothing can kill you in this mode)
  • <F10/I> = Free items. (add 3000 points, 99 Shots, all the jewels, and the wetsuit)
  • <F10/J> = JUMP mode. (you can fly anywhere)
  • <F10/M> = Memory usage display.
  • <F10/N> = No clipping (float right through walls and ceilings and floors ...  NOTE: makes you disappear if you're already on the main floor) This is good for the map because you can skip levels and walk through obstructions.
  • <F10/P> = Pause. This one allows you to use screens capture programs.
  • <F10/S> = Slow motion
  • <F10/T> = Sprite test display. Use cursor keys to scroll through sprites.
  • <F10/V> = Add 0-8 VBLs
  • <F10/Y> = Show secret passages as they are, places Keen can walk are turned to garbage.
  • <F10/Z> = Takes you down to 0 lives and ends game. (Only works if you are in a level)
  • <F10/W> = Warp to level (numbered 1-18)

Keen 4 Warping Levels

0 - Shadowlands 7 - Hillville 14 - Pyramid of the Forbidden
1 - Border Village 8 - Sand Yego 15 - Isle of Tar
2 - Slug Village 9 - Miragia 16 - Isle of Fire
3- Perilous Pit 10 - Lifewater Oasis 17 - Well of Wishes
4- Cave of the Descendants 11 - Pyramid of the Moons 18 - Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket
5 - Chasm of Chills 12 - Pyramid of Shadows
6 - Crystalus 13 - Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients

Keen 5 Warping Levels

1 - Ion Ventalation System 7 - Defense Tunnel Sorra 13 - The Secret Korath III Base
2 - The Security Center 8 - Neutrino Burst Injector 15 - The High Score Table
3 - Defense Tunnel Vlook 9 - Defense Tunnel Teln (Yes you actually play it.)
4 - Energy Flow Systems 10 - The Brownian Motion Inducer
5 - Defense Tunnel Burrh 11 - The Gravitational Damping Hub 14 and 16-18 cause it to crash.
6 - The Regulation Control Center 12 - The Quantum Explosion Dynamo

Keen 6 Warping Levels

1 - Bloogwaters Crossing 8 - Bloogfoods, Inc. 14 - The Bloogbase Management District
2 - Guard Post One 9 - Guard Post Two 15 - Bloog Control Center
3 - First Dome of Darkness 10 - Bloogville 16 - Bloog Lab Space Station
4 - Second Dome of Darkness 11 - The Bloog Aeronautics and Space 17 - Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket
5 - The Bloogdome        Administration 18 - High Score Table
6 - Bloogton Manufacturing 12 - Guard Post Three (Yes you actually play it.)
7 - Bloogton Tower 13 - The Bloogbase Recreational District

Keen Dreams Warping Levels

0 - Land of Tuberia 6 - "Level 6"* 12 - Brussels Sprout Bay
1 - Horshradish Hill 7 - Spud City 13 - "Level 13"*
2 - The Melon Mines 8 - "Level 8"* 14 - Squash Swamp
3 - Bridge Bottoms 9 - Apple Acres 15 - Boobus' Chamber
4 - Rhubarb Rapids 10 - Grape Grove 16 - Castle Tuberia
5 - Parsnip Pass 11 - "Level 11"*

*Levels 6, 8, 11, and 13 all go to a small level full of goodies. I don't know if they planned more levels then they used, or if the registered version uses these levels.

There is also a practice mode available that will give you infinite lives to practice a certain level. The only problem whith this is that if you use the control panel, you can only play paddle war or return to the game or the system locks up. Also, if you leave the level in any way (finish it, etc) the system will lock up.

Boot Keen 4 with: KEEN4E /TEDLEVEL ??

Boot Keen 5 with: KEEN5E /TEDLEVEL ??

Boot Keen 6 with: KEEN6 /TEDLEVEL ??

NOTE: ?? can be any number from 0-18

NOTE: You can't use the practice mode with Keen Dreams

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