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Episode 4 Foes

Here's a list of foes from the forth episode.

Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle

Arachnut - Insane, green, crab-walking creatures with two dangerous mouthes.
Berkeloid - This fiery fella is not to be toyed with. He throws big fireballs!
bounder2.gif (306 bytes) Bounder - These red, friendly, bouncy guys can be annoying, but they can be helpful too!
Dopefish - The second-dumbest creature in the univrse, this creature's thout patterns go "swim swim hungry, swim swim hungry." They'll eat anything alive and moving near them, though they prefer heroes.
Inchworm - These placid yellow creatures are all over. Watch out where you step or they'll be afoot!
lick2.gif (386 bytes) Lick - These blue beanbag-like monsters breathe a deadly lick of fire.
Mad Mushroom - Dangerous plants that hop and are deadly to the touch.
Poison Slug - The most common inhabitant of the Shadowlands, Poison Slugs mean trouble twice - once if you touch them, twice if you should land in the puddles of poison they leave behind.
Schoolfish - These fish are real follow-the-leader types.
Skypest - Virtually immune to your shots, these guys really are pests. There must be some way to get them, though.
Sprite - Dopefish won't mess with these problematic underwater creatures: they shoot energy blasts at you!
Wormouth - Watch out for these green menacas. They're a lot bigger than they look!
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