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Episode 5 Foes

Here's a list of foes from the fifth episode.

Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine

Little Ampton - This purple fellow slides up and down poles and works on his computer terminals. Don't be on a pole he's on, 'cause he slides up and down quickly!
Robo Red - Robo Red is a nasty guard. If he hears a sound, he shoots first and asks questions later. Avoid, avoid, avoid!
Shelley - This tiny darling seems pleasant until you least expect it, then she goes all to pieces!
Shikadi - These energy beings built the Omegamatic and plan to destroy the galaxy. Watch out for them near poles.
Shikadi Master - The most frightful foe aboard the Omegamatic, they cast Electrospheres at you and teleport around. Very dangerous.
Shikadi Mine - Woe be the hero that wanders near one of these. They will follow you until they are close enough, then they explode!
Shockshund - Tree-legged energy dogs of the Shikadi, their spark is worse than their bite!
Slicestar - The slicestar is a crystalline being with razor-sharp points. Don't get near 'em!
Sparky - This gray guy has a magnetic personality. His presence is electrifying. You'll be shocked when you see him! Watch out when he "charges!"
Sphereful - Frightful plasma orbs with orbiting diamond sensors, tread carefully by these dangerous denizens.
Spindred - Spindred slam angrily at the floor and ceilling. They'll crush you quicker than... something quick.
Spirogrip - The spirogrip spins and launches toward walls. If you're in the way, you'll be toast!
Volte-face - Volte-faces are crazy, insane floating creatures that have electric arcs for hair!
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