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Idiot's Guide to Commander Keen 2000

Here's a guide to every secret (that I could find) in "Commander Keen 2000." Here's how it works: I numbered the levels in the order you play them (there are 58 playable screens, of which you play 56, which ones depend on the choices you make). "Description" is a brief description of the screen so you can scan for hints easily. The "Secret" column tells of secrets. An * indicates it is a secret you DO NOT need to hit PgUp to get. Oh, and "None" means there is no PgUp secret.

One more thing: if you're ever stuck, F9 skips to the next level. And now... everything you could POSSIBLY want to know about K2K...

Screen #  Level Description         Secret (Hit PgUp)

I         First Screen (Duh)        Skips ahead to Screen VIII
II        Jump down into water      None
III       Underwater Slugs          Change music to "Born to be Wild"
IV        Underwater - items only   Add 10 Lives each time you hit PgUp
V         Underwater with Door      Add 50,000 points each time you tap PgUp
VI        Leave Water/Teleporter    None
VII       Platforms Galore          Reveal "Cuban Cigars," 20K Each
VIII      Mushroom, Chicken         None. Exit to "IX" is Up or Right:
1A(right) small moving chicken      Warp to Screen I  
2A(up)    2 poles, mushroom         Create bouncing ball that makes donuts
                                    *I recommend going UP on screen VIII
X         mushroom/items/key/spike  None
XI        Giant Chicken Boss        None; Shoot it lots; password MOO COW
XII       Scrolling Spikes          None
XII-2     Blue screen, just items   "South Park" kids pop up
XIII      Mushroom; pole            None
XIV       Fast Slug                 None
XV        Changes to Green          None
XVI       Blue expanding bridge     Password PIGEONS
XVII      2 blue bridge things      None
XVIII     Going Outdoors            None
XIX       Pole, Red Door            None
XX        Slug, mushroom, go down   None
XXI       mushroom hops up high     None
XXII      Sparky boss               *Touch right side of screen to skip him;
                                    Password GARFIELD
XXIII     Items, to blue wall       None
XXIV      2 Skypests, many bottles  None
XXV       Teleporter                None; password VAMPIRES
XXVI      Light-balls               None
XXVII     "X" file                  None
  -------DIALOGUE SCREEN---------             password ARTICLE
XXVIII    Blue Robot                None
XXIX      2 Slugs                   None
XXX       Marshmallows, Bottles     None
XXXI      Robo Blue                 None; password APPLEPIE
XXXII     Red brick/stone           None
XXXIII    Yellow hopper guy         None
XXXIV     Yellow hopper guy 2       None
XXXV      Up + down arrows          Dialog box with CK2K dedication
XXXVI     4 purple platforms        *Go up or down to go back to screen XXXV 
XXXVII    Red Slug                  None
XXXVIII   Red Slug 2                None
XXXIX     Invisible Boss            None; password SENSORS
XL        Slug, Items, Doors        None
XLI       Slug, Doors               None
XLII      Miscellaneous Stuff       None
XLIII     River, house              *Walk in water and see a splash
XLIV      2 houses, blue sky        POP Keen's head & drop thru platforms
XLV       Pole, Teleporter          None; Password RAYGUNS
XLVI      slice stars               None
XLVII     4 high poles              None; go up or right:
   UP-1B: Skateboard for bottles    None
 DOWN-2B: Pole, Slugs, 2 1UP's      *Recommended Choice of path
XLIX --------------- DIALOG ------------------    Password: REVENGE
L         Get into the ship         None
LI        Fly the ship              None
LII       New Planet/Purple area    None
LIII      Pole going Up             None
LIV       Robo Blue                 Password ENIGMA
LV        blue air skater           None
LVI       Warhead                   None
----------END OF GAME DIALOG-------------------

This guide was compiled by Stephen D. Costa, aka pLeitorian.

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