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Welcome to Cerebral Cortex 314, your #1 source for Commander Keen information on the World Wide Web! Commander Keen is a game by ID Software/Apogee created many years ago. It is a very addictave side-scrolling platform game. Although it is very old, it is still one of my all time favourite games. I hope that this page will answer an questions you may have. In particular, I have tried to include stuff on the future of Keen, as that is a very popular topic of discussion. I hope you enjoy this page as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Keen MakeOver
Keen MakeOver is a Commander Keen 1 Level Editor for Windows 95, created by Geoff, and Peder Johnson. Download it, as well as loads of other levels here!

The FAQ, History, Stories, Extra Info, Enemies, Lyrics, SGA Alphabet, Scoring, Tips and Cheats
Download shareware episodes / demos, music, and a few other goodies
Picture Book
Graphics galore! Including Level Maps, Screen Shots, Action Shots and Ascii Art
The Future
What the future holds, both officially and unofficially (includes projects)
The people that made this website possible
A few links to other notable, original sites, including "official" sites
Send me your comments, note: you need email set up in your browser for this
Interviews with the creators of Commander Keen - Tom Hall and John Romero
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