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Here you can download the shareware episodes of the Commander Keen games, we well as some music, and the DOS level editor for "Invasion of the Vorticons". Do not ask me for copies of Commander Keen Dreams (full), 2, 3, 5 or 6 (full). I do NOT support the illegal pirating of software.

Shareware Episodes:                 demo
Episode 1: Marooned on Mars download v1.31 shareware episode (238k)
Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle download v1.40 shareware episode (712k)
Episode 6: Aliens ate my Babysitter download (demo) (355k)
The Lost Episode: Keen Dreams download (demo) (349k)
Music Pack - 10 MIDIs download Bobby Prince music (35.5k)
  Episode 4: Secret of the oracle
A World of Wonderment
Welcome to a kick in the pants in good old Hillville
You've got to eat your Vegetables ( lyrics )

Episode 5: The Armageddon Machine
Be Sphereful with my Diamonds
Jazz Me
Make it Tighter
Mamba Snake
To the Future
Wednesday on the Beach

Episode 6: Aliens ate my Babysitter
Aliens ate my Babysitter ( lyrics )

Bobby Prince singing "Eat Your Veggies" download RealVideo file (4.5mb)
MS-DOS Level Editor download v1.2 - very hard to use (57k)

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