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"Aliens ate my Babysitter"

"Aliens ate my babysitter --
Ate her right down to her toes --
Worse, they still look hungry --
And are trying now to bite off my nose.

My babysitter might have deserved it --
Of that, a Judge I'll not be --
But I am a different story --
The Universe dies without me!"

During the break part of the song, Keen does some rap:

My name is Keen --
A fighting machine --
Helmet on head (except when in bed) --
A pogo for height --
A ray gun for might

The Bacon 'n Bean's my flying machine --
I never fear whenever I'm near some critter from space --
Who's not in his place I'll leave them to feed on whatever they need --
I'll fill them with lead after they're fed --

My Mom and my Dad don't know I'm this BAD --
But when my story's told --
All kids will be bold.

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