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Keen MakeOver is a Commander Keen 1 level editor, for Windows 95. It was created by Geoff Sims and Peder Johnson. This page contains downloads, help, and also levels created by other people, for you to play and enjoy, and hopefully to make Keen 1 a bit more challenging.

*-- !! read the faq before using (thanks again, pLeit) !! --*

Download Keen MakeOver v1.0

Having trouble? Download the file, unzip it, and run SETUP.EXE - Once installed, you can start creating your own levels. Keen MakeOver is relatively simple to use, all you do is select a tile type, then choose the tile, and click! It's just like a painting program. To delete a tile, simply Right Click. There is one known bug however, sometimes when you are editing a level, all the tiles can stuff up, if this happens, there is nothing you can do but either save what you have done, or start over again. Another thing to be aware of is that there is a 2 tile border around the whole level, any tiles in this border will not be seen.

Here is where you can download level packs. To use these, simply download the file, and extract the levels into your Keen1 directory. Then start Keen1 and there you go! If you want to restore the old levels, either reinstall Keen1, or download this file.

Creator   Info   Download
Peder Johnson  

These were the first levels created with Keen MakeOver. This level pack contains 8 levels, and a slightly different map.

  KMO levels
pLeitorian   A complete set of 16 custom levels. The difficulty rating is "sadistic bastard." The complexity is "medium." Download this if you want a REAL challenge. I highly recomment it!   pLeit's Levels
pLeitorian   This is pLeit's 2nd level pack for Commander Keen 1, made from scratch with KMO. The difficulty rating is Medium (hard for high scoring items, low for low scoring). There are also secrets (7 ways to get to the end level), and new features (Jump over & under fire past nasty Ice Cannons! Arenas where you fight Vorticons!). Another EXCELLENT level pack!   pLeit's Levels2
Dopefish   A complete set of 16 custom levels. These levels are very well designed, and are relatively big in size too. Another GREAT set of levels, worth the download!   Dopefish's Levels
AR   This contains 6 levels, but the great thing is, they are like "extra levels". AR has cleverly redesigned the map level, extending is so you can have more than 16 levels in the game. This is an original idea, and I suggest you try it out.   AR's Levels
Xky Rauh  

The Ice Factory. This contains one level - level02.ck1. This was the first level ever created with the editor, as far as I know. It's a pointless level - you start off, and get blasted by invisible Ice Cannons, and you are taken to the end of the level in an ice block! The challenge however, is, once you are free of the ice block, to go back and collect the goodies!

  The Ice Factory
Xky Rauh  

This contains one level - level02.ck1. This is an amazing level. It is VERY big, and also VERY challenging! For the keenest of the keen, this level is for you. See if you can get EVERY item! Includes a neat little "Tetris Room". This is the best level I have ever seen, and I recommend it!

  Xky's Mega Level

A complete set of 16 levels, called "Psycho Keen". I haven't yet tested these...

  Psycho Keen

A complete set of 16 levels, called "Keen Armageddon". I haven't yet tested these...

  Keen Armageddon
Neil McRae  

A complete set of 16 levels, called "Ice Levels". I haven't yet tested these...

  Ice Levels
Tom Bailey  

6 Levels. I haven't yet tested these...

  Toms Levels
Aria AmirYar  

A complete set of 16 levels. I haven't yet tested these...

  Aria's levels

A 9 levels. I haven't yet tested these...

  A.A's levels

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