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The Idiot's Guide to using KMO, by pLeitorian

(1) There's no OPEN!!!!!

No, there's not. Would you rather have no editor at all? KMO is the best "easy to use" thing there is right now. Take it, leave it, even make your own, but stop whining about it.

(2) Quit On menu doesn't work.

Sorry stupid bug - click the "X" in the top right hand corner, duh!

(3) Scrolling messes up display.

Actually, ONLY if you select "Background" objects and start putting them on the screen. So add them last! Demarcate with a Solid of some obvious sort. Also keep levels under size 75X75 to reduce this problem.

(4) Can't see start \ enemy's (Not a bug).

If you must... WRITE DOWN the X,Y coordinates, and note what they appear next to (usually can count off from blocks.) Or put a Platform of some color (ie Barbell Yellow) in each one's start square that you clicked on, then delete @ end.

For extra safety, do as follows:

Make level. No bigger than 75X75.

Test to see if it is completeable

Test II

-Add "Treasures" and an "EXIT"
Test III

-Add "Sprites"
Test IV

-Add "Foregrounds"
Test IV

-Add "Extras"
Test V


-Add "Backdrop," having BACKED UP the file first because the tiles will lock up bad for "Water Middle" and various "Lights," though much worse for solid-colored blocks Test VI

In conclusion, save often, keep it playable, back it up in DOS while still editing! This way you can save most, if not all, of a level...

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