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Episode 3: Keen Must Die

Foob: These creatures are harmless - they are frightened of you! When you get close to them, they get scared and run for their lives! You can kill them just by simply touching them. Leave them alone, meanie!

Meep: These jovial incredibly bad singers look like small green aliens. They stroll along, singing. They "voice" or "sound waves" kill you. Only one shot to kill these guys.

Grunts: These Grunts only take 1 shot to kill. This doesn't make them any less dangerous though, they can still jump!

Vorticon Women: The Moms are pretty dangerous. They take 5 shots to kill. But not only that, they also can fire deadly flames at you. They are slow moving, and easy to dodge.

Youths: These are perhaps the most annoying creatures in this episode. The run and jump around at high speeds, paralyzing Keen if they meet.

VortiNinja: These are the most deadly enemy in this episode. Not only do they move and jump around very fast, they can also kick you! And to top it all off, they take 4 shots to kill.



Green Spike




Jack Ball: Don't kill you, just push you along



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