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Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle

Poison Slug: The most common inhabitant of the Shadowlands, Poison Slugs mean trouble twice - once if you touch them, twice if you should land in the puddles of poison they leave behind!

Arachnut: Insane, green, crab-walking creatures with two dangerous mouths.

Bounder: These red, friendly, bouncing guys can be annoying (as they push you around), but they can be helpful, too!


Bird: These guys can fly and walk. You can shoot them, but it only paralyses them temporalily.

Sneaky Rock: When have your back turned, they will sneak up and jump at you!

Lick: These blue beanbag-like monsters breathe a deadly lick of fire.

Wormouth: Watch out for these green menaces. They're a lot bigger than they look!

Skypest: Virtually immune to your shots, these guys really are pests. There must be some way to get them though. For those of you who don't know, try pogoing on them.

Berkeloid: This fiery fella is not to be toyed with. He throws big fireballs, and is impossible to kill.

Cloud: When you approach it, you'll make it angry, and it will try to strike you down with a lightning bolt! They are immune to your shots.

Mad Mushroom: Dangerous plants that hop and are deadly to touch. They jump higher every 3 bounces.

Inchworm: These placid yellow creatures are all over. Watch out where you step or they'll be afoot!

Sprite: Dopefish won't mess with these problematic underwater creatures: they shoot energy blasts at you!

Dopefish: The second dumbest creature in the universe, this creature's thought patterns go "swim swim hungry, swim swim hungry." They'll eat anything alive and moving near them, though they prefer heroes.

Schoolfish: These fish are real follow-the-leader types.

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