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Well, here's what you're all wanting to know. Basically, ID Software still keeps the rights to Commander Keen, and have no intentions of creating a new Keen game. There are a few different views on this, however.

Joe Seigler, of Apogee, says:
"There are no plans now to do more Keen. The main reason for this is that ID Software owns the rights to Commander Keen, and any new project would have to be either done by them directly (EXTREMELY unlikely), or at least approved by them. At this time, there are no Keen games under development by either Apogee, ID, or Ion Storm (where Tom Hall & John Romero now work as of 1997). If and when there ever is more Keen, it will be state of the art of whatever technology is current at the time."

Tom Hall, of IonStorm, says:
"ID will never do Keen 7, because many of them hate the cuteness. I personally like all types of games, and that universe is one of my favorites that we created."

"I would love to do another Keen. I have a ton of ideas for the next trilogy. However, id still owns the rights to Keen, and I don't think I'd do another one without owning the rights. I left him behind once, I won't leave him behind again. I hope someday they'll let go of him, but they seem reluctant right now."

"It wouldn't be EGA, and probably would use the power of Pentiums, but not betray the feel of the original games."

John Romero, of IonStorm, says:
"We might do Keen7 on the N64."
"It would probably be a LOT like Mario64/Banjo-Kazooie."
"It's not in the works yet, but maybe someday. Who knows."

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