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Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle

Always collect (Neural Stunner) or you will run out of ammunition!

 Name of Item  Points/Value  What to look for
 Shikadi Soda  100 Points
 Three-Tooth Gum  200 Points
 Shikkers Candy Bar  500 Points
 Jawbreaker  1000 Points
 Donut  5000 Points
 Ice Cream  5000 Points
 Lifewater Flask  Extra Keen
 Teardrop  x100 = Extra Keen
 Gems / Diamonds  Open Locked Doors

You get an extra Keen every 20,000 points.

"I can't swim!"
Hmmm, what could help you out here? A wetsuit, of course!
"Cool! I can breathe under water now!"
Princess Lindsey: The Princess is here to help you out. If you can find her, she will give you valuable information that will help you complete your quest.       
Council Members: These are the Gnosticenes you are trying to rescue. There are eight of them hidden in the depths of the Shadowlands.       

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