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Episode 6: Aliens ate my Babysitter

Always collect (Neural Stunner) or you will run out of ammunition!

 Name of Item  Points/Value  What to look for
 Soda Bottle  100 Points
 Paddle Pop  200 Points
 Chocolate Sunday  500 Points
 Big Chocolate Sunday  1000 Points
 Super Sunday  5000 Points
 Pizza  5000
 Queen Viva  Free Keen
 Vivas  x100 = Free Keen
 Gems / Diamonds  Open Locked Doors

You get an extra Keen every 20,000 points.

"What a tall cliff! Wish I had a grappling hook."
Hmmm, how are you going to climb this cliff?
"Wow! A rope and grabbling hook! They look useful!"
"Oh no! It's a slavering Grabbiter! He says 'Get me lunch and I'll tell you a secret.'"
Hmmm, what would he like for lunch?
"This is the second biggest sandwich I ever saw!"
Well, what are you waiting for? Feed it to the Grabbiter?
"The Grabbiter grabs the gigantic sandwich and downs it in one bite!"
"The door makes a loud blooping noise. It says 'Passcard required for entry.'"
Hmmm, what will you need to enter this rocket?
"What's this? Cool! A passcard for the Bloogstar Rocket!"

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