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In our last episode, Commander Keen foiled the Vorticon plot to strand him on Mars, recovering all of his ship's parts back from the evil Vorticons. It was dangerous, but simply a preamble to the terror that follows in...

*** Episode Two: The Earth Explodes

His parents think he's asleep, but there's no time for napping, a Vorticon Mothership is poised above Earth, preparing to destroy every major city with their deadly Tantalus Ray! Keen must sneak aboard the ship and stop each Tantalus Team from their terrible task. If he fails, the earth explodes! Of course, this will mean he won't have to get home in time for school... The Earth or no school. Hmmm.....

After much deliberation, Keen decides to save the Earth anyway. Don't miss an action-packed second of this exciting episode in the Commander Keen Trilogy!

What Keen Must Do

As Commander Keen, you must reach and destroy each X-14 Tantalus Ray, powered by cells from the big purple Space Amoeba. The Tantalus control rooms are located on various parts of the ship. You start in the ship's gallery and must find items to help you on your quest. When you blasted your way onboard, you found a nearly-empty Vorticon HyperPistol, the weapon of the Vorticon Warrior Elite. If you could grab some more of those....

You still have the Pogo Stick from your Mars adventure.

Information On The Vorticons

All the Vorticons are controlled by the Grand Intellect, some mysterious being on the planet Vorticon VI. That's of no concern now, you must save the Earth by destroying those Tantalus Rays!  

Luckily for you, one of the Vorticons you "dealt with" on Mars had a Blueprint for the Vorticon Mothership. Unfortunately, you can't read Vorticon.

The Vorticons have robots, just like the Martians, except Vorticon robots are worse.

Certain areas of the Voticon ship seem to be inaccessible. You must find the controls to doors or bridges that will let you continue.

The Adventure Begins...

Your task is before you. Go get 'em Commander Keen!

Commander Keen says: "You won't believe what happens in Episode 3!"

Episode Two: The Ending
A Secret about the Vorticons

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