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*** Episode Four: Secret of the Oracle

Wow, this is really an impressive way to activate this monolith of ancient wisdom.
Everyone be silent. The Oracle is about to speak.

Hmmm. Maybe it's got a dead battery or something.

The Shikadi are a race of shadow beings from the far side of the galaxy.
They are building an Armageddon Machine and are plannign to blow up the galaxy with it, then rebuild it to suit their needs.
They live on the third planet of the Korath system, which is 71,000 light years from Gnosticus IV. The Armageddon Machine is almost complete.
And this is what they look like.
These Shikadi are toast!
Thanks for the scoop, Oracle. I'm outta here.
I hope it doesn't rain on my folks...
Meanwhile, back on Earth...

Don't miss "The Armageddon Machine," the shocking conclusion of "Goodbye, Galaxy!" where you'll see:

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