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Episode 6: Aliens ate my Babysitter

Saving Molly - At entry go left. Cross chasm, below door is blue running Bloog. Shoot him for a gem. Enter door. You will be in a room with four doors. Go to the top left of the room and shoot the Bloog. He has a gem. Then return to the bottom and enter the leftmost door. It DOES NOT go back to the same room even though it goes to an identical looking room. You will see the Bloog in the upper left corner still running. Go up and shoot him for another gem. (This is 3 of the needed 4 so far) Then return to the bottom and enter the third door from the left (second one from the right) and you will be in a reddish area. Go to the top left of this area. Enter the door. You will be in a blue room. Just follow the path and shoot ALL the Bloogs since one has the 4th gem. The door is in the upper right. It takes you to the chamber Molly is in.

Where do I find the Rope, the Sandwich, and the Rocketship Keycard?

The Rope is found in The First Dome Of Darkness.
The Sandwich is found in Bloogfloods, Inc.
The Rocketship Keycard is found in Bloogton Tower.

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