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Episode 5: The Armageddon Machine

General tips and info

There are 9 free Keens on level 1.

Hidden in two of the levels are the names of the two level designers, Creative Director Tom Hall and Software Engineer John Romero.

There are 30,000 hidden points near the start of the Defense Tunnel Sorra.

You've probably figured this out, but pogo on the fuses to break them.

The way to the secret level is the Gravitational Damping Hub. To find out how to find it, look down and translate.

You can't destroy the QED directory. Find someone (or something) that can.

You can look down and duck under nearly-invincible Slicestars and rather vincible Volte-faces, but not under Robo Red.

You can stand right next to Robo Red and not get shot, but then you are right next to Robo Red, which isn't very fun either.

In Keen 5 some switches read ON in the Standard Galactic Alphabet when you flip them. It's a neat touch!

I'm still stuck! Help!

Robo Red - Robo Red never becomes that big a threat. There is always a safe place to jump when you are near him. Just watch where you're going and don't mess with him and he never sees you.

QED - You use a mine to destroy the QED. (Curisouly, the Quantum Explosion Dynamo is abbreviated as 'QED,' meaning in Latin 'being that which has been required to prove' (I'm a math major, so I've seen the QED conclusion to some "technical" proofs)

The Secret Level - Just before the normal exit, underneath the arch, use the jump down command (jump + down at once) to drop to a secret area. Follow it and get to the secret Korath III base. There is a fuse up high you break though I don't know how without cheating to get up there... (A sign on the level reads 'Jump down at arch' if you translate it... But you can't see it until you have already gone to it which kind of annoys me...)

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