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Tired of us already? Oh well, get outta here then. Here's some links to hold ya over.

Official Links

3D Realms - Original Publishers of Commander Keen Episodes 1-5.
Atari - Holder of the Rights to publish Aliens ate my Babysitter! (not that they're doing anything with it at the moment).
id Software - Developers of the Commander Keen series.
Planet ROME.RO - John Romero's homepage. - Tom Hall's homepage.

Fan-Site Links

Featured Links

The Public Commander Keen Forum - The main Commander Keen message board.
Keen: Modding - A message board dedicated to Keen modification.
KeenWiki - The Commander Keen wiki maintained by the community.

Beyond the Pogo - A great Commander Keen resource. - A Commander Keen website sitting on a great domain name.
Commander Keen Newsletter - The home of the Commander Keen newsletter.
Commander Keen's "Dungeon of Mystery!" - Home of the devious "Dungeon of Mystery!" puzzle level.
Flash Keen - A great Flash version of Keen 1 made with the new FlashTile Engine by Glen Rhodes. Visit Glen's website at
The Official Dopefish Homepage - The official home for the world's most popular fish!

Classic Keen Webpages

All-You-Can-Eat Commander Keen - Was undoubtably the Most Popular Commander Keen Site around during it's time.
Gert's Commander Keen Page - A great page about Commander Keen!
The Old CC314 - See how the site was before we got our hands on it!
Robin's Commander Keen Page - Make Keen sounds and pay homage to the almighty slug!

Other Keen Webpages

Commander Keen Fan SITE Celle - A great German Commander Keen Site.
Quirky Moron's Page - A showcase page for Quirky Moron's Keen projects.
S&F Prod. Commander Keen Page - This is the only place where you can find sound players, add-ons, Keen2Dopefish patch, cheats, hex cheats, extras, links and things alike for Commander Keen and other classic games. Plus there are music and wallpapers.

Misc. Links

Bobby Prince Music - The webpage for the musician for Commander Keen (and a lot of other good games).


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