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Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle

Secret #1 - Border Village
  Get undeground near the slug statue, then jump where you see Keen.

Secret #2 - Slug Village
  Go here...

  Then jump down the hole - TWO secrets on the right wall!

  Bounders help you climb higher. Try doing the impossible pogo trick while standing on one's head!

Secrets #3 and #4 - Hillville
  There are 2 hidden areas up high in Hillville, look for invisible bricks close to the entrance + exit.

  Here's the secret area on the left. Try going up + right...

  Keen stands in mid-air... on the secret brick in this area.

  The other secret area, on the right of Hillville.

Secrets #5 - Miragia
  Hang from a platform in Miragia. You can stay up like this even when it goes "totally" out of focus!

  In Miragia, go here for the three ice cream cones. You need to jump left, hang in midair just below the ceiling, then push left again... it's tricky...

  But it CAN be done. Then head to the left for the goodies!

  Above the wetsuit in Miragia is a free Keen. Go up + right, then fall down the deep chasm on the right of the screen.

Secrets #6 - Something's Up in Sand Yego
  Sand Yego has a secret right at the beginning...

  It's easy to beat the Rocks. Get below them, turn away and they'll jump at you. Then shoot straight up and BANG! Fried rock.

  Sand Yego again - these hidden bricks... toward the right of the first screen... about 3/4 of the way...

  ...will take you to a whole bunch of goodies!

Secret #7 - Gnosticene Ancients
  What's with the sparkling Gnosticene Ancients...?

  They take items away! You must be quick to get everything.

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