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What are Action Shots you may ask? Well, they are screenshots of Commander Keen, each with captions, explaining how to do certain things. Some of them have a few steps to follow. They are great, because when people explain to you how to do something, you may have trouble understanding what they mean. These shots will walk you through various things in the Commander Keen series, including where to find 1UPs, secret levels, etc. This great list of Action Shots was compiled by pLeitorian. Thanks heaps, you've contributed a significant amount of information to this website, it wouldn't be half as good if you hadn't! View his homepage, "pLeitorian internationaL"

Commander Keen in... "Invasion Of The Vorticons"

Commander Keen in... "The Lost Episode"

Commander Keen in... "Goodbye Galaxy"

Commander Keen in... "Aliens ate my Babysitter"

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