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Episode 6: Aliens ate my Babysitter

Bloogton Tower
  What's a boy to do? How will Keen get up + left?

  Simple. Use the impossible pogo trick to go left; then land on the switch, hitting jump and launching off it. You'll turn on a platform AND get where you're going and this puts you a hop skip + a jump away from the passcard!

Bloogbase Recreational District
  Bloogbase Recreational District - near the middle you can pogo off a platform - go up + right while doing this and there's an invisible area. Get to this, run right and head for the door which leads to over 5 free Keens!

  Keen makes a run for the door (even though he's coming from the opposite direction that you will)

  Stand here + wait for the satellite to the secret area.

  Action shot of a Blooguard knocking Keen off his rocker.

  This is Molly, now if only anyone knew how to get there... Keen stuns her for running away ;)

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