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Episode 5: The Armageddon Machine

How to get to the Secret Level
  In the Gravitational Damping Hub... go to the place near the keycard.

  Walk right and look down - the sign reads JUMP DOWN AT ARCH

  Keen finds the special arch and takes a bow.

  The Debug Mode confirms it: this is the secret area! Go under the arch's middle and press down-arrow & jump.

  This is where you'll end up.

  Climb on up and grab the red gem (it'd be on the left, but Keen's already snatched it up in this shot)

  There it is! The teleporter to the secret level. (You can get to the hidden fuse without going through the level)

  The Swastika (??) in Energy Flow Systems.

  In Energy Flow systems, Robo Red's gunfire often is blocked by the pipe. You can use this to your advantage.

  Follow Keen's plasma blast to the right, because hidden above the swirly fire thing in the wall are two 5000 point sugar bags. To get out, use the "Impossible Pogo Trick" described in the manual. (Defense Tunnel Sorra)

  Jump up where Keen is in Defense Tunnel Sorra and get two guns!

  Walk right, following Keen's plasma blast. Lots of goodies in a hidden tunnel - be sure to jump because there's a bit of it raised up!

  In the Security Center (Level 2) - The last two rooms have 4 5000 point bonuses on the right walls. Here Keen "lets it all hang out" while he shows the way to one set of bonuses.

  In the Security Center, by the door with the blue gem holder: Jump up where you see Keen's lower half for 20000+ points and an extra Keen.

  Keen dangles beside 20000 points worth of sugar bags.

  In Level 1, this is where you jump to for the free Keens. It's by the laser with the left-right purple platform; pull yourself up, pogo up, turn the pogo off and push up-right. Then walk right across and you'll fall down. Run right and pogo high, toward the right edge of the screen (about 1.5 Keen body widths away) and fall down for 10 extra Keens.

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