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Ok, here's what you all have been waiting for, the translations.
The first is a translation done by me...

Translation by me

This one is from Commander Keen 3. Find it yourself! Locate Messie, and get a ride to the isolated island. Enter the level. Use GOD mode to clip up from where you start. Head right, and you will find the translation in a Vorticon classroom!

Translation from Commander Keen 3

Here is one from Commander Keen 6. Find it yourself! Stand here and wait for the satellite to take you to the secret area. Enter the secret level. Head right until you come to a pole heading down. Go down as far as you can go. Use the FREE ITEMS cheat (F10+I) and go left. Put the blue diamond in. When you drop down, head left and put the gold diamond in. Jump and and flick the switch. Now head back to the bottom of the pole and go left. Get on the moving platform, and wait until it takes you into a "secret area" in the "roof". Once you are in quickly jump and hold right. Alternatively you can just use the JUMP cheat (F10+J). You will fall down a long way, then head left to the translation!

Translation from Commander Keen 6

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