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On this page you will find information regarding the Standard Galactic Alphabet (SGA). The SGA refers to the mysterious alphabet in the Commander Keen series which you haven't been able to decipher... yet! I have included an easy to read translation I created, and also the actualy translations you can find in the game itself. I have also included a few of the common signs, which are written in the SGA. Finally, if you want to write some SGA yourself, there is a True Type Font to download.

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"I created the Standard Galactic alphabet. I was making the tiles and designing the first level, and I thought I'd put an exit sign there. I decided to make it look like funky futuristic or alien letters. Then I thought, "Hey, I could make a whole alphabet and hide little messages in the game." That's how it started. So I started putting "This is neat" by guns, "Die" by dangerous stuff, and "Hi" all over the place. It was fun to add something that would be all over the place and make you want to explore the levels again." - Tom Hall

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