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*** Episode Three: The Ending

It can't be...
Mortimer McMire!!

Mortimer has been a thorn in your side for as long as you can remember. Your IQ test score was 314; Mortimer's was 315. He always held that over you, never letting you forget for one day.

All the practical jokes, the mental cruelty, the swirlies - each memory makes your teeth grit harder. And now he's out to destroy Earth! You have had enough!

"All right Mortimer! What's the problem? Why destroy Earth?"

"You and all those mental wimps deserve to die! I'm the smartest person in the galaxy! Aren't I, Mister THREE FOURTEEN? Ah ha ha !"

"I'll get you for that, Mortimer!"

"Come and try! You'll never get past my hideous Mangling Machine! Prepare to die, Commander Clown!"

(Commander Keen defeats the Mangling Machine)

With Mortimer Mcmire out of the picture, and his brain-wave belts no longer controlling them, the Vorticons are freed of their mental enslavement.

"Commander Keen, in honor of your meritorious service in freeing us from the Grand Intellect's mental chains, I and the other Vorticons you havem't slaughtered want to award you the Big V, our highest honor."

"Thank you."

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