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In our last episode, Commander Keen foiled the Vorticons plot to destroy the Earth. The disabled Mothership limped home to report their failure to the Grand Intellect. Keen, after taking a short nap, blasts across the brain-bending expanse of space between Earth and Vorticon VI. The Vorticons will be lying in wait, their wicked weapons bristling with pent-up energy, with only one thought on their winds....

*** Episode Three: Keen Must Die!

Keen blasts through a hyperspace gate and arrives on Vorticon VI, landing on the island on Vortiville. Here he faces the mind mumbling horrors of suburban life. Then he will travel to New Vorticon, where life is a dark, dangerous enterprise. He will also have to face the violent forces massed in the Vorticon military installation. After this, he will face the impossible maze of the Caves of Oblivion! If he passes this barrier, he will finally reach the castle of the Grand Intellect, where all his beliefs and fears come together in a titanic, shocking finale! Don't miss the incredible shattering conclusion to the Commander Keen Trilogy!

What Keen Must Do

As Commander Keen, you must make your way through all the perils or Vorticon VI and discover the secret of the Grand Intellect. The Vorticon Elder aboard the Mothership told you two things. One, the Vorticons are not evil -- The Grand Intellect is controlling them with "Mind-belts." And two, the Grand Intellect is from Earth. Who could he be?

Information On Vorticon Culture

Vorticon life is much like our own, except for the following: Blue Skin, Long Ears, Fangs, Anti-Gravity Cars, Teleportation Devices, and so on.
Some other inhabitants include the easily-frightened Foobs and the race of Jovial Incredibly Bad Singers, the Meeps. One Dangerous aspect of Vorticon Life is the nature of their children's toys. They like to play a form of "Jacks" where the ball is the size of their body and the Jacks are deadly! Watch Out!
There is also a rumour of the giant beast of Loch Mess, known affectionately as "Messie". The land-based defenses of Vorticon VI consist of the VortiNinjas, the deadliest fighting force in the galaxy. They have been trained by the Grand Intellect to take no prisoners.

The Adventure Begins...

Your task is before you. Go get 'em Commander Keen!

Commander Keen says: "You won't believe the ending!"

Episode Three: The Ending

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