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If you broke the fuse in Korath III Base, you will get a slightly different ending. Can you spot the difference?!

*** Episode Five: The Ending (Special)

Commander Keen has saved the day once again.

But things are still in motion...

With their Quantum Explosion Dynamo in ruins, the Shikadi rush to their getaway ship to hightail it back to their own galaxy. Due to a freak fuse malfunction, they cannon take off and are arrested by the Korath III Police for double-parking.

Keen rummages through the control room of the QED for clues as to why the Shikadi wanted to blow up the galaxy. He stumbles upon a note written in the Standard Galactic Alphabet.

"Dear Billy,

You fell for my duplicate ploy in the mangling machine, and now you've fallen for it again. I'm blowing up the universe, not the stupid galaxy. This was just a big distraction, dodo. Tag - you're it.


PS - Gannalech is how these dumb Shikadi pronounce Grand Intellect. Or didn't you notice that, Mister Three Fourteen?"

Keen takes the note with him to decipher when he gets home, not seeing anything else of interest...

What does that "MM" stand for?!

Back at home after having saved the galaxy, Billy feeds his rain soaked parents ice cream and gently shakes them back to consciousness. Hopefully, this won't affect his allowance.

See you Christmas '92 when Commander Keen returns to battle for the universe! It will be the biggest Keen ever! You won't believe your eyes!

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