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The "Special" ending here is a spoiler. Do not view it unless you like having things spoiled!

Last Episode, our hero Billy blasted off in search off mysterious Shikadi, who serve "The Gannalech" and plan to destroy the galaxy! After a short delay Keen rocketed to Gnosticus VI, only to find the Council Members missing. The Shikadi kidnapped 'em!

Keen flew to the Shadowlands, faced horrible foes, and rescued the kidnapped ancients.

After Keen freed them from their imprisonment, the immortal Council Members activated their source of galactic wisdom, the Oracle. The Oracle informed Keen that the Shikdai had nearly completed a machine to obliterate the galaxy!

*** Episode Five: The Armageddon Machine

This Episode finds Keen in stealth mode, sneaking his Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket up to the Omegamatic. Securing his Attach-O-Ray to an exhaust port, Keen enters the Omegamatic and begins his most dangerous adventure yet!

Episode Five: The Ending
Episode Five: The Ending (Special)

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