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*** Episode Six: The Ending

"Gee, thanks Billy," said Molly. "Boy, my brother is gonna get in trouble for this."
"Your brother?" Keen asked. Molly is the older sister of his former nemesis, Mortimer McMire. But he was caught in the explosion of his Mangling Machine... wasn't he? Could he be alive? "But he's... he's..."
"He's in trouble is what he is. He told the Bloogs to take me hostage. In exchange, he told them where to find the Stupendous Sandwich of Chungella IV."
"Yeah, I've seen it," Keen said. So, Mortimer's Back, eh? though Keen. "Where IS Mortimer?"
"Oh," said Molly. "He said something about blowing up the entire universe or something. Well, let's get back before your folks get home."
"Yeah, we'd better - THE UNIVERSE?!" Keen said. "Yikes!"
See you next time, when Commander Keen and Mortimer McMire battle for the Universe!

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