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*** Episode Six: Aliens ate my Babysitter

"In this episode, Billy is out in his clubhouse, busily working on his handy new ComputerWrist wrist computer. He hears Molly, his baby sitter, calling him to supper but he keeps on working. He hears a strange noise in the backyard and decides to investigate. On a patch of scorched grass he finds a note: 'Keen -- Thanks for dinner. -- The Bloogs of Fribbulus Xax. P.S. Next time get one with more meat, please.' He puzzles over this for a moment, then notices the baby sitter has stopped calling. Suddenly, he realizes that aliens are having her over for supper - and when they say 'for supper' they mean 'FOR SUPPER'! If he doesn't save her, his parents will be furious. They'll never believe that 'Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter!' 'This is a job for commander Keen!' he declares. Once again, he dons his brother's football helmet, hops into the trusty Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket and starts the launch sequence for Fribbulus Xax. He's got to save Molly from becoming a snack for creatures from another planet!"

Episode Six: The Ending

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