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*** The Lost Episode: The Ending

Yes! Boobus Tuberís hash-brown-like remains rained down from the sky as Commander Keen walked up to the Dream Machine. He analyzed all the complex controls and readouts on it, then pulled down a huge red lever marked "On/Off Switch" The machine clanked and ratteled, then went silent. He had freed the childern from their vegetable-enforced slavery! Everything around Keen wobbled in a disconcerting manner, his eyelids grew heavy, and he fell asleep...

Billy woke up, looking around the room, the early morinig sun shining in his face. Nothing. No vegetables to be seen. Was it all just a dream?

Billyís mom entered the room.

"Good morning, dear. I heard some news on TV that youíd be interested in." she said, sitting by him on the bed.

"What news?" Billy asked, still groggy.

"The President declared today National ĎI Hate Broccolií Day. He said kids are allowed to pick one vegetable today, and they donít have to eat it.!"

"Aw, mom, Iím not afraid of any stupid vegetables." Billy said "But if itís okay with you, Iíd rather not have any french fries for awhile."

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