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*** The Lost Episode: Keen Dreams

We find young Billy discussing metters of paramount importance with his mother

"I just saved the Earth, Mum," said Billy. "I don't have to eat vegetables."

"Sure, dear," said Billy's Mum. "I bet Neil Armstrong never complained about HIS mashed potatoes."

"I bet Neil Armstrong never travelled to Vorticon VI and defeated the Grand Intellect, either," Billy mumbled at his plate. He sat there, legs dangling staring at his offensive, starch-laden foe.

After a pointed remark about the quality of the mashed potatoes, Billy was sent to his room.

"Stupid vegetables," he grumbled, his eyelids growing heavy.

Soon Billy was fast asleep.

Suddenly he woke up, and his bed was atop a hill. On either side of his bed were giant potatoes wearing metal helmets and caryying bayonets.

"Come with us now, Captain Keen," said the first.

"You've been brought here by the Dream Machine," said the second.

"Boobus Tuber, out king and boss -- "

" -- is now your master, come with us!"

Billy frowned, grabbed his football helmet off his bedpost, and started to put it on.

"First of all, spuds," Billy says, pushing down on the helmet. "That's COMMANDER Keen. Second of all, who do you think you are?"

"We're Tater Troppers, it's plain to see," said the first.

"So, get -- "

Keen reached under his pillow and retrieved his Vorticon Hyperpistol. He moved it from "Stun," past "Disrupt," all the way up to "Fry to Delicate Brown."

"How about a walk on the fried side boys?" Keen said.

Two BZZAPs later, Keen pouted.

"Aw, nuts. My Hyperpistol's empty," he said.

"Keen, oh, Keen, oh, Captain Keen! Save us from the Dream Machine!" he said.

"That's COMMANDER Keen!" the young genius corrected.

"Whatever, Save us!" said the child.

So Billy hopped out of bed and started on his quest to defeat King Boobus Tuber and destroy the Dream Machine!

Join with the young Commander as he ventures into the realm of Tuberia, a place populated by all the vegetables on his plate... killer brocolli, attacking asparagus spears, deadly potato spuds, crazed carrots, frantic french fries... and the list goes on. As many who have played KEEN DREAMS have witnessed, this Keen game will charm your socks off, as well as captivate you with its clever puzzles and scenarios.

The Lost Episode: The Ending

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