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  Commander Keen projects on this page are being or have been made by people who are NOT working with ID, Apogee, IonStorm, Softdisk, or FormGen. I will give downloads where possible, but if there is no download, don't email me asking for one, because I don't have one! Not every unofficial keen game makes this page. Only games that are worth the download or games in developement will be listed here. If a game was listed as being under developement but isn't good enough to make the released list once it is finished it will be linked on the bottom of the page so anyone who was interested can still locate it, but it will not continue to be featured. Please do not bother us if your game isn't on the list if we decide it isn't good enough. If you would like to see your game here please look at the bottom of the page for submission instructions. 

Note that Commander Keen 1 MODs are not listed here, but at the MOD page.

Note: Certain DLLs are required to run the KNP (Klick 'n Play), CNC (Click 'n Create), and TGF (Games Factory) games. You may download those DLLs on the Downloads page.

Note from Flaose: This page is hopelessly out of date. Please check out the message board for newer fangames.

Project Title: Commander Keen - The New Episode
Creator: Dutch Keen Department
Type: Game
Created With: DIV gamestudio and Delphi
OS: Dos
Status: Beta Stage (early developement)


Commander Keen - The New Episode
The robots from Commander Keen 2, are returned to earth to take over our planet.They communicate trough radio signals, so our hero, billy, must destroy all there communication tours.
But the robots aren't as old fashioned anymore, so watch out !

Project Title: Commander Keen: The Lost Oracle
Creator: John Eubank
Type: Game trilogy
Created With: C - MinGW32, Allegro 4
OS: Windows
Status: Under development. Help needed.
ETA: Somewhere in the next few years


Commander Keen: The Lost Oracle
Commander Keen is listening to his Photachyon Transciever. Suddenly, he hears a faint cry for help: "Sombody! Please! Help us! The Gannalech is coming to Gnosticus IV! Oh n-". Uh-oh, thinks Billy. Those old Oracle geezers are in trouble again. He hops in the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket and sets off for Gnosticus IV.

Comments from the Author
Engine is coming along slowly. I STILL need someone to do graphic work -- tile art, backgrounds, and enemies -- for the game. Please email me if you can do any of this.

Development of this game is slow because John is missing a graphic artist. Would YOU like to be famous? E-mail John now!

Project Title: Spork III
Creator: Slasher
Type: Game
Created With: CNC
OS: Windows
Status: Spork I and II are completed while III is in limbo.

Spork III website

Spork III: Code of the Sporkia 
Now that all distractions are out of the way, Keen is free to go to Kalorkian VII and stop the evil Sporkians from taking over the galaxy.

The game's assets aren't in the quality of the art (which is good but not great) nor in the engine (it uses CNC so it's jerky and has sluggish maneuvering) but in the interesting additions thrown in. In the Spork III demo keen dons a jet pack, and I'm sure in the full version he'll do even more.. Be sure to check out Spork III, it's far and away the best of the 3 and is most worth the download out of all of them. 

Download Spork III demo

Project Title: Commander Keen 8
Creator: Toby Abramson, Ari Derin, Eric Mui, Zackary Finewax, and Brandon Walderman
Type: Standard Game
Created With: KNP
OS: Windows
Status: Under development


Commander Keen 8
Mort builds a second machine to destroy the Galaxy, makes keen think it's on one planet when it's on another, then: chaos.

I visited the site, read the story, wasn't impressed. However, I have heard some things that sound contrary to what's on the site and so it might be worth downloading when it comes out. I don't know. -eK
Download Keen 8 Beta

August 2002: It is now over three years since the beta was released, and this project seemed dead. However, Brandon Walderman e-mailed us and let us know that the project is still going strong and close to completion. -- Cho'gall  

Project Title: Commander Keen Ultimate Episode I: A New Mystery
Creator: Warp Nine Games
Type: Advanced Platform RPG
Created With: TGF 32-bit
OS: Windows
Status: Under development
ETA: July 2003


Commander Keen Ultimate Episode I

 See the website for the story.

Project Title: Commander Keen in trouble
Creator: Till Gilsbach
Type: 2D Platform Game
Created With: KNP
OS: Windows
Status: Under development. Demo available.
ETA: None given


Commander Keen in trouble

The creators of this game have chosen to keep the story secret. Download the demo if you like.

Download CKIT 2-level demo

Project Title: Jungle Commander Keen
Creator: Xtraverse
Type: 2D Platform Game
Created With: CNC
OS: Windows
Status: Evolved into Alpha Manhatten.

Jungle Commander Keen

Billy Blaze had recently saved the Golden Tablet from the possesion of the evil Korath's, but he still needed to rescue his pogo from the vault it was hidden in in the Korath Home Base. The Base only opened its doors with a retina scan, voice ID, and footprint of a Korath official. After a little bit of hacking Billy mangaged to figure out that there was an emergency entrance that opened with ten special keys hidden in certain areas of the surrounding jungle that were guarded by strange jungle men (see enemies). Billy immediately hopped into his Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket and flew off to the strange dangerous jungles of Korath I.

Download the demo version

Project Title: Commander Keen in Joy Busters (series title)
Creator: GooberMan
Type: 3D Platform Game
Created With: C++, DirectX 8.1
OS: Windows
Status: Under development.
ETA: Demo available


CK in Joy Busters

Read the story for Joy Busters

First tech demo




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